Heilongjiang cracked the case of tampering with the college entrance examination suspects pull 1 peo pullip

Heilongjiang college entrance examination: the suspect cracked tamper pull 1 Award 1000- Sohu education college entrance examination has been tampered with students who blocked the freshmen in September, carrying luggage, walk into the gate of the University, and Mudanjiang city of Heilongjiang Province Liu was outside candidates of his ideal university refused, because someone had tampered with the Liu’s college entrance examination volunteer, resulting in a small Liu Mingming higher than the minimum admission line thirty points, but not admitted. After the entrance end of the year, Liu according to their scores, choose their own love of the Shandong International University in voluntary reporting, and many times with the school admissions office teacher communication, confirm their score is qualified, the school teacher said that as long as the fill in the first volunteer, will certainly be admitted. However, Liu in the first volunteer to fill the school, but has not been admitted. Mother Liu: he said, you are certainly not the first choice, if the first choice, you one hundred percent (admission). Our lowest points, he said Sanbaiershiji, we (Liu) over more than and 20 minutes, he said you score nearly thirty points, why don’t we accept you. I think so, no school does not receive high marks to lower, at this time I feel wrong. In a puzzled Liu, a man claiming to be a high school teacher in Shandong province called. According to Liu recalled, when he will be the teacher said the high school in the third volunteers, why can not be admitted to this school? So, Liu came to the Heilongjiang provincial admissions office query file. Liu mother Ms. Joe: after that admissions to check, you said a volunteer, Qingdao star (College), the rest are all gone, we determined that this thing is definitely a problem, high admissions will give us IP address. Heilongjiang provincial entrance examination office according to the information provided by Liu inquiry found that in the voluntary registration window before closing fifteen minutes, someone login Liu’s application number, she will volunteer to tamper with the. Then, little Liu Xiang, the public security organ text, and to the police about, a male teacher had instructed her to volunteer. Mudanjiang City Public Security Bureau Xi’an Branch Deputy Director Niu Gang: through this IP address, we locked the transfer of the Internet cafes, then staff, all the video. Identified by the victim, did not find her staff. But the IP is really the Internet, we according to the bayonet information, from her (Liu) a public understanding of the video, a video segment car video, high teacher took a public, Internet cafe staff happens to be the high teacher, high teacher is a Qingdao college admissions teacher. Suspects are controlled by the candidates to do so by the public security organs to enter the investigation, a high school enrollment in Shandong, a responsible person in Mudanjiang, his girlfriend a jobless. Two people secretly tampered with Liu’s college entrance examination to fill volunteer, resulting in Liu failed to successfully enter the ideal university. 2016 after the end of the college entrance examination, a high and a public Liu came to the school enrollment. After listening to a public presentation, Liu immediately decided to apply for the school, a high arrangement of a相关的主题文章: