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Heilongjiang man riding a motorcycle home by a black bear attacks have been out of danger – Beijing newspaper on October 5th – 4 days early in the morning, Heilongjiang Hulin City, north of the village of new village villager Wang riding a motorcycle on the way home, suddenly encounter black bear attacks, in black bear threw himself in the brook, Wang’s face was bitten by a black bear. The left side of the face is mostly black bear opened the flesh, fortunately bear in time to leave, not to hurt. Currently, Wang is being treated in hospital, has been out of danger. 4, 19 PM, the reporter learned from the Hulin People’s Hospital, the 48 year old Wang, a North Township new village, was 7 when Xu family was sent to the hospital. The incident occurred at 4 am on the morning of 6 am, Wang was riding a motorcycle from the outside to go home, away from home, there are about two kilometers on the road, suddenly suffered a black bear attack. The black bear Wang fell from the motorcycle, fall into the roadside ditch, then bear open bite of Wang’s face, Wang his arms out, was also bear a nasty bite, leaving a bear’s teeth marks. Fortunately, after the attack of the black bear Wang did not continue to stay in place, but left the ditch. Wang then stumbled home, the family was promptly sent to the Hulin People’s Hospital. According to the director of ENT surgery Yang, Wang was sent to the hospital immediately after, after more than 7 hours after surgical debridement, has returned to the ward to recuperate. Although the injured out of danger, but because of the face was bitten by a large number of mud and grass and other debris, coupled with the mouth of the animals contain bacteria, the next Wang also faced the infection period of this pass. Director Yang introduced, in recent days, Hulin occurred in the vicinity of a number of black bear attacked the villagers, the villagers should be caused by the forest area and pay more attention to beware of. If you encounter black bear attacks, the first time should be rushed to the hospital first aid, to avoid hemorrhagic shock and other symptoms. What about wild animals? The ecological environment is the home of the wild animals. After the emergence of a series of wild animals, on the one hand shows a good local ecology, on the other hand, also reminded the majority of villagers and tourists in the field to do industry, outdoor sports must pay attention to safety. One, do not disturb the wild animal alone into the dense forests in the deep mountains, and cause unnecessary danger and harm, to go hand in hand, take care of each other, to ensure the safety of. It is not illegal to hunt the wild animal. In two, black bears, wolves, snakes and other dangerous wild animal, don’t panic, running, teasing and even attack animal, slow, calm and avoid them, "unscathed". Three, once accidentally wild animal attack, not pessimistic, delay time, stay calm, immediately call 110, or 120 time with family, local villagers, village or township government contact, in order to get out of danger as soon as possible, to ensure the safety of medical treatment.相关的主题文章: