Help investigators checked selling luxury car men’s final sentence commuted for less than 2 y cancam

Help investigators checked selling luxury car   men’s final sentence commuted for less than 2 years of rule of Law — original title: help investigators sell the car checked for the crime of corruption is the man to man Zhao song together with police investigators (handled separately), the song in the process of handling cases seized in a Porsche off-road vehicles to 170 thousand yuan cheap to sell, and from 20 thousand yuan in his pocket interception. After the fear of being prosecuted, and ordered the song Zhao to buy a parking lot with the car back to the traffic management bureau. City Intermediate People’s Court of First Instance sentenced to 5 years imprisonment, zhao. Zhao believes the sentence is too heavy appeal. The reporter learned yesterday, the city court of final appeal recently Zhao commuted to 1 years imprisonment, 10 months. Help investigators sell Porsche seized the 39 year old Zhao Beijing people. The court found that during the period from June 2010 to February 2012, together with Zhao song, the song has served as police duties related to the convenience of the song in the process of handling cases seized smuggling a white Porsche Cayenne SUV, the price of 170 thousand yuan to sell. Later, Zhao told song to sell car for 150 thousand yuan. For fear of being prosecuted, song Zhao ordered to buy a car with a silver car and transformed to a white park to the parking lot. A city in the court of first instance that Zhao together with national staff, the use of national staff taking advantage of his position, illegal possession of public property, his behavior constituted a crime of corruption. But Zhao Mouyou surrendered to the plot and pleaded guilty attitude is better, so to reduce the punishment. In October 16th last year, Zhao embezzlement was sentenced to 5 years in prison, the court also ordered the restitution of 170 thousand yuan, and the song bear joint liability compensation, indemnity refund shall be confiscated. The second sentence of 1 years and 10 months after the verdict, Zhao refused to accept the appeal to the high court. Zhao believes that there is no common corruption of subjective intent and behavior, the first instance sentencing overweight. Zhao’s defense counsel, Zhao’s behavior does not constitute a crime of corruption, more in line with the cover up, conceal the crime offended. City high court investigation found that two people were able to prove that the testimony of two people, is free to dispose of the smuggling vehicles, knowingly involved vehicle song under the authority of the seizure can not be the case, still sell a vehicle to discuss and reach a consensus. Song commissioned sales of vehicles involved in the case of Zhao, two people to form a common intention of corruption. Zhao negotiated with the sale of vehicles involved in the song, and actively looking for buyers, the final price of 170 thousand yuan will be sold vehicles, Zhao intercepted from the purchase of $20 thousand car. Therefore, Zhao implemented a joint corruption act, and the two joint corruption crime in the vehicle was sold at. High court that Zhao has a subjective intent to corruption, the objective is also implemented on the common corruption, corruption in accordance with the elements of the crime. But Zhao in the crime only played a secondary or auxiliary role, should be identified as an accomplice. The verdict facts are clear, not just that Zhao is an accomplice, leading to Zhao’s heavy sentencing. Recently, the city of the high court of final appeal commuted on the case according to law, sentenced Zhao to 1 years imprisonment, 10 months, imposed a fine of 10 thousand yuan. A)相关的主题文章: