Help the forest tourism sing Ji’an — Environmental Protection —

Help the forest tourism   sing Ji’an — Environmental Protection — late on September 29th, in Ji’an City, Jilin Province, the National Afforestation Committee, State Forestry Bureau, Chinese Green Foundation sponsored by the State Forestry Administration, economic development research center, Forest Park management office, the State Forestry Administration, State Forestry Bureau Forest Tourism management office, the State Forestry Bureau propaganda office green, Chinese magazine, the Forestry Department of Jilin Province, the CPC Ji’an Municipal Committee, Ji’an Municipal People’s Government of Jilin Province, the Cultural Industry Investment Holdings (Group) Co., Ltd. jointly hosted a large series of theme charity "green line China – into the beautiful Ji’an public party held. China green fund adviser, former forestry minister Xu Youfang, academician of the Academy of Sciences Chinese, State Department counselor Tang Shouzheng Yang Chao, director of Forest Park Management Office of the State Forestry Administration, State Forestry Bureau Economic Development Research Center, former director, Professor Li zujiao, research and promotion of research director Hu Kanping Chinese ecological civilization, deputy director of the Forestry Department of Jilin province Zhang Yaqiang Jilin Province, the Cultural Industry Investment Holdings (Group) Co., Ltd. chairman and chief executive officer Zhang Ziyi, the Jilin investment group Party Secretary Chen Xi, study on the forestry bureau of national economic development center deputy director Wang Yuehua, general secretary of the organizing Committee for the green Chinese activities, green Chinese magazine, Miu Hong, Secretary of the CPC Ji’an Municipal Committee Li Dongyou, deputy secretary of the CPC Ji’an municipal Party committee, acting mayor Yang Wenhui and other leaders attending the activities. Li Dongyou, Zhang Ziyi, and Mr. Yang Chao delivered speeches. Xu Youfang awarded Ji’an Green China banner. The forest is the main body of the terrestrial ecosystem. With the forest carbon fixation and oxygen release, water conservation, soil conservation, air purification, sand fixation, nutrient accumulation and the conservation of biological diversity and other functions. In recent years, the rapid development of China’s forestry industry. In many parts of the country relying on the ecological advantages of abundant forest resources, unique, vigorously develop forest tourism, forest products deep processing of forestry industry, so that people on the trees can become rich road, truly beautiful scenery is the gold and silver mines. With the autumn cool breeze, China famous tenor singer, vocal music educator Li Shuangjiang Chinese, famous singer, cabaret artist and actor Zhu Mingying at the national level, the headquarters of the Army Political Work Department of the ensemble of young baritone singer, will play the tenth session of the PLA Art singing award Zhang Dawei charity star gave a wonderful performance for the scene of thousands of the audience of Ji’an. As an important city of Ji’an in the area of forest in Changbai Mountain city has a long history, rich culture, China is a historical and cultural city, one of the three North Korean railway crossings, also is a new frontier, ecological and cultural tourism city, the forest coverage rate up to 82.16%, there are many in the original ecological features of natural scenic area. In recent years, the Ji’an municipal government to seriously implement the eighteen spirit, adhere to green development, constantly optimize the ecological environment, efforts to enhance the ecological function, based on resource advantages and regional characteristics, vigorously strengthen the construction industry, the formation of ginseng medicine, tourism, foreign trade, green food, minerals, hydropower and seven characteristics of modern logistics industry, out of a project, rely on innovation to guide)相关的主题文章: