How can I get to the wedding

Do not set up a wedding hotel how to do a lot of marriage family, the biggest problem lies in the wedding Hotel reservation. So what can we do if we can’t get a wedding reception? Do not worry, the following Xiaobian to share a number of emergency plans for you, take a look at it. Question: how can we not get the wedding hotel? Emergency plan 1: choose a weekend wedding wedding for emergency couple, may choose from Monday to Thursday evening hours to avoid the peak wedding day, weekend. Emergency plan 2: hold the traditional wedding night rush wedding "couples may wish to avoid the midday peak wedding, choose the traditional romantic wedding night, also can enjoy the discount star wedding service Oh, can get a decent wedding preferential price. Emergency plan 3: choose new venue venue or suburban new hotel because of the relatively few people know, so the schedule will be more, can be used as the preferred emergency. While the outskirts of the venue, although geographically remote, but it is easy to set the current period, such a meeting of the old and new and cost-effective will be better, but also arranged for the bus to pick up the wedding guests. Newcomers to the marriage may wish to include such a venue in the selection range.相关的主题文章: