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Writing-and-Speaking Does it seem like your blog is gathering dust and you can’t remember when your last blog post was? Do you find yourself staring at a blank blog draft for hours, typing a few words and then hitting backspace afterwards? When you’re constantly not in the mood to blog, you’re most likely experiencing the blogger blues. Blogger blues can happen to any blogger at some point. It’s when blogging becomes hard like a chore, creative juices won’t flow from the tap and nothing you write seem to make any sense. It’s how a blogger experiences writer’s block. It can be stressful time, not being able to blog. Fortunately, there are ways to overcome this blogging challenge. Take a look at these 7 tips to deal with blogger blues: 1. Spend some time out. People do it all the time. When something becomes too much to handle, we momentarily step away from it to relieve the pressure. Shifting the focus away from the task could help give you a new perspective and a fresh restart in doing it. Fresh air, a change of scenery, a different activity – these are just a few things that you can soak up on while taking time off the internet. 2. Get entertained. If you can’t go outdoors, there’s also the option of getting some distraction. Turn off your monitor and turn on the tube instead. If you’re not into sedentary entertainment, how about playing a game of sport, a visit to the museum or a night out in town. The type of entertainment you choose can be based on your mood or your budget. 3. Get inspired. Lack of inspiration can decrease one’s blogging mojo. Take a journey back in time and find out what or who inspired you to create a blog of your own. Revisit the blogs that you used to (or still) look up to and browse around to gain more inspiration. Use your blogger blues as a time to re-focus your blogging goals. 4. Chat with pals. Meet your friends for a chat session over food or coffee. This should take your mind off the pressure of blogging for a while. Friends can be a great source of blog ideas, so pay attention to interesting topics and note down the ones you can blog on. Make sure you bring home something blog-worthy – you can start with a review of the coffee shop! If your friends are also bloggers, the better. It’s always nice to relate problems with somebody who has ‘been there’. 5. Take part in a blog carnival. A blog carnival is a collection of blog posts on a single topic. There are blog carnivals monthly and the topic and host of each event is rotated between members. Joining one would surely get you motivated to create a new entry for your blog. The topic is given so you don’t have to stress on that; plus it could provide valuable backlinks for your blog as the hosting blog will link to all the blog carnival entries. 6. Use positive reinforcement. Since blogging is a solitary activity, you only have yourself to nudge whenever a blog entry seems due. But when you’re experiencing the blogger blues, maybe a bigger force is needed to push you in the right direction. How about rewarding yourself for a job well done? Set a target date and do your best to finish a blog post before the deadline. Entitle yourself for a nice treat whenever you finish a task before the deadline. 7. Shake things up. Some people get tired of doing the same routine over and over again. Things can get more exciting by shaking things up. Nocturnal bloggers, for example, can try doing their craft in the morning, for a change. It could be the answer to your blogging predicament. It’s good to know that the blogger blues is just a phase that comes at some point after starting a blog. Doing something about it will make it last less longer. Learn how to start a blog, get people to read and share your blog, and make money from blogging with a step-by-step tutorial at Copyright (c) 2012 About the Author: 相关的主题文章: