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Blogging-Rss Blogging has often been associated as more of a hobby than a serious moneymaking tool. However, in reality, blogging content offers the perfect tool for progressing one’s Internet marketing ventures. You just need to know how to create the right type of blogging content. Once you learn that skill, you could make a lot of money from Internet marketing, whether it’s promoting affiliate products or posting ads for other companies. With that being said, how can a person turn blogging content into something that propels their Internet marketing efforts? First, they need to think about keyword-optimization. To achieve this, your blogging content must contain popular Internet keywords… terms that contain a lot of searches yet minimal competition. To find these terms, your best bet is to use a keyword analyzer… one of the most powerful tools in the Internet marketing world. All you have to do is enter in a general term, (like you would Google or any other search engine) for the help From there, the keyword analyzer would return even more specific phrases. They will also include how many searches the phrase is receiving each month. Some keyword analyzers take things a step further. An example is Micro Niche Finder, which includes the "Strength of Competition" field. This field lets you know if the program believes a particular keyword is worth your effort. If the field has a green circle, the keyword is very profitable. If the field has a yellow circle, its profitability is so-so. A red circle indicates that the keyword has too much competition to really make Internet marketing worthwhile. Of course, regardless of which keyword you choose, the process of keyword optimization is the same. As you are writing your blogging content, you will want to include the term 2 to 5 percent of the time. To put things into perspective, if your blogging content is 500 words, you will want to include your chosen keyword at least 10 times. The maximum number would be 25 times, as anything more than that could get your blog flagged for spam. When this happens, even if your blogging content is good, you lose your Internet marketing advantage since most search engines will de-index you. On the other hand, you don’t want to go under 10 if you can help it. If you do, it won’t always result in an Internet marketing failure, especially since some keywords have no websites associated with them. But if a website has at least 100 or so competitors, (when the term is in quotes), you will want to try to include the keyword at least 2 percent of the time throughout your blogging content. Otherwise, the search engine bots may not be able to notice your blogging content, simply because it doesn’t contain enough keywords. Now that you know the importance of keyword optimization, you might be wondering how you can create good blogging content in the first place for the help How can you balance good blogging content with the basic principles behind Internet marketing? Well, if you can’t afford to hire a ghostwriter to write the content for you, there’s always the option of using existing articles as a source of research. Print out an article that relates to whatever keyword you’re promoting and highlight the important points. Create a new spin on these points when writing your blogging content, making sure you don’t plagiarize existing ideas. When you’re finished, you’ll have engaging blogging content that will work well with your Internet marketing pursuits. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: