How to eliminate jealousy seeds-lata-01

How to eliminate jealousy seed understand rejoice merit, is to get a lot of suffering from Vin Gamarupoche’s human jealousy. Envy, wealth, fame, power, face, body, family, and even friends and family around you are jealous of you. Jealousy, like a net hanging over our body, when you feel unhappy, perhaps jealousy is arise spontaneously. We can not afford to praise others better than their own people, can not afford to read other people’s children more powerful than their own children, can not afford to wear the clothes of others better than their own, open the car more expensive than their own, etc.. People can not seem to be happy whenever and wherever possible, suddenly unhappy, that jealousy is in trouble, and this is one source of human suffering, but well hidden, not easy to be found. The so-called Buddhists, King Kong brothers will, in order to compete and jealousy. Once a temple to teach Buddhism in the US had abroad, I arrived there, several old disciples with me: "teacher, had changed! Before us is very good, now we basically ignore." I asked them: "there are now Khenpo who?" "All those new brothers and sisters. The old khenpo." Then I slowly observed, there is actually a lot of new converts to the Buddhist, because of the lack of understanding of the Dharma, and the traditional rules, always ask questions around khenpos. He actually very attentively counseling these new converts the householder, did not ignore old disciples grow, sometimes can not do for everyone to take care of all aspects, it is normal. We are on the new converts lay for a long time can sometimes be a benevolent and kind countenance, which was anger. Because of the old disciple, should understand a lot of Dharma, etiquette, rules and regulations should also have a lot of understanding, should set an example, to lead the new converts to the brother sister. If you do not as good as the new converts, it is necessary to review and repent. Accidentally to a disciple smiled, accidentally to a disciple did not laugh, this does not mean that the Division has the heart, not good for you. Quiet practice is very important, love is not as it should be, because of jealousy, will let you have a bad attitude. Outward should see the good in people, now become carping find shortcomings, what are the disadvantages of the body, the diamond brothers and what are the disadvantages of the body, to finally only to picky picky, isolating themselves out, some people even give up their own beliefs, to abandon the practice, after a few years, rebuffed think back, regret. The Buddha told us to cure jealousy can rejoice merit. We are most likely to rejoice is Buddha, they do not compete with us, we will not make comparisons of the heart, you will not want to go to Avalokiteshvara dress is prettier than me, Tara is taller than I am young and beautiful. So it’s easier to be respectful. We rejoice with praise of Buddhas and Bodhisattvas, Arhats, ancient heritage guru, all monks, pure spiritual monks, and the leaders of the world countless people, for all beings of selfless dedication, our hearts rejoice with praise for their merits, they all paid to benefit all sentient beings. ?相关的主题文章: