How to make 8 billion of the League of Heroes kairui

Every year to earn 8 billion League is how to create two days in addition to the double 11 and the U.S. presidential election, for many male compatriots are domestic (in fact there are many female compatriots), there is a very important and need to pay attention to things, that is, November 15th, electronic game heroes Union (LOL) liquidation of the end of the S6 season S7, open season! Leage of legend, LOL, Chinese translation hero alliance, often game player affectionately known as the "Lu, Lu", a MOBA (multiplayer online sports) game development company for the fist company (Riot). From the beginning of the 2009 games in the United States clothing line, has gone through 8 years, in the world with hundreds of millions of loyal fans. And it’s fans group wide, strong profitability (2015, fist game companies rely on the earnings of $1 billion 250 million, or about RMB about 8000000000 yuan, is 2 times more! Top5 gaming game the other 4 profit total) The influence of the large, strong vitality, has gone beyond the scope of a simple game. To some extent, it can even be born, apple and WeChat’s popular par, is definitely a phenomenal product, called the global explosion, also deserved. The S7 season coming at the same time, as the foreplay of the preseason, accompanied by a large number of game content changes, including heroes, maps, equipment, and so on. The content of its changes, the magnitude of the change, with the new game to describe each new season LOL is not too much. Why the fist will be so firm three days a small change, a big change in the past five days, or even face a lot of players criticism, opposition, and even spray, each season is to change it? In order to clarify this matter, here to sell a child, we start from the essence of the game product, the fist step by step how to create and maintain the company, the global explosion, phenomenal product. Instant feedback – the source of fun in the game, the survival of the human needs of the game as a product, what is the most essential thing? Or, why does the game attract and satisfy the needs of the people? I think it’s an instant feedback mechanism for the game, and a rigid demand for instant feedback. What is immediate feedback? It is the interaction between man and the world – what kind of feedback will you get from the world when you make one or a series of actions (what has changed in the world)? In fact, everyone will think about the meaning of their existence in the world, and constantly seek to interact with the world. The appearance of the game, let the humans have a very easy to get instant feedback, as long as I am involved in the game, according to the rules of the game is the developer to understand and some of the world make reproduction, an action or a series of actions, basically can in a very short time to get a clear feedback, such as: a piece of my being eaten (go to the game of chess is a character, I,) to upgrade the game, I win.相关的主题文章: