How to schedule the Xiushan bridge Come and look at the bridge nibbuns

How to schedule the Xiushan bridge? Come and take a look at the bridge project construction site in Zhoushan Xiushan Daishan, the concern of the bridge, a busy, a concrete mixer car back and forth, the construction of bridge lights. In this time period, Xiushan Bridge No. 11 pier will be completed 580 square concrete pouring. Midnight construction can make the temperature of concrete, more conducive to the improvement of the quality of the pier, while cross operation with the day is also to enhance the progress of construction and production safety." Cong Weidong, deputy chief engineer of the project, introduced the reasons for the construction of the midnight. The roar of the mixer continued to the sound of the second day of noon, Chen Changxiao from Anhui and more than 20 workers successfully completed the task. "Before the official hill bridge I also participated in the construction of Daishan bridge, I looked at the seat of a built." Speaking of the sea bridge construction experience, Chen Changxiao has a special feeling. If the bridge pier is the foundation of the building are so Chen Changxiao true this is a bridge. From the start of the project started, they participated in the concrete bridge pier all xiushan. It is understood that the Xiushan bridge length of 3063 meters, is located in the mountain fortress hill at the starting point at the southern end of the mountain and across the channel between the end point and Xiushan Island, Daishan Xiushan little joy to the dustpan Ao highway engineering then. Stand in the dock looking happy Xiushan Guan Shan Island, where fast flowing, difficult working conditions. Familiar with the waters of Daishan people know that the water channel Kueishan contains huge tidal energy. "In addition to the tide fast here, rain and wind, frequently affected by the typhoon, many offshore projects need to complete 4 hours every day the tide flat in." Qu Hanbin, Secretary of the Party branch secretary. In addition to the operation time is very limited, subject to material and traffic conditions, all construction equipment also need to split transport. It is with all sorts of difficulties, in October 2014 began construction of the bridge bridge in Xiushan, bridge technical team post two air Bureau stationed in Xiushan, began to see such a swift channel to conquer the curtain. And on the other side of the project, the project started construction in September 2015 Xiushan bridge. Since the start of the bridge, has completed construction, steel cofferdam installation, construction of the main tower, the first starting platform successfully installed frame segment erection of a number of major nodes. After nearly 2 years of fighting, the lower part of the bridge has been basically completed. Through the whole process of construction project, a large pier as dozens of giant in the sea neatly arranged, it means the people of Daishan, for many years the dream time and again continue to firmly tamp bridge. According to reports, as of the end of September, Xiushan bridge project 21 platform has been completed, Guan Shan anchorage concrete has completed 2 construction, project has a total investment of 672 million yuan. "In October, we started the construction of the superstructure of the bridge." Despite the excitement in the speech difficult to hide, but the next step in the construction plan, the bridge builders are still meticulous.相关的主题文章: