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Howard 17+14 to return to the two pairs of mode is mocking rival Warcraft lost character – Sohu sports > > data point shooting record comments Beijing time on February 7th, the Rockets home court Blazers lost 79-96 to Howard, the condition is good, the audience voted 10 in 6, with two pairs of data of 17 points and 14 rebounds, but his teammates are in poor condition, it also leads to "the second half was dragged down the beast". Because of the suspension of the league, Howard’s state of ups and downs, fortunately, when facing the Blazers, "demon animal" because of the weakness of the opponent’s inner line and get the opportunity to display their fists. From the opening, Howard continuous shooting in the interior, from his 3 to 3 in the handle, Howard obviously feel hot. Howard gets better and better, and harden begins to deliver shells to him. In the first half, harden only 3 assists account, but the 3 assists all the "Warcraft", visible rocket magic combination is gradually found the tacit understanding of the year. In the end, Howard scored 14 points and 11 rebounds in three minutes, and "wow" went back to his two pairs of tracks. In fact, Howard can harvest a big double double, but because his teammates are poor, plus harden frequent mistakes, which led to the pioneers continue to play counterattack. The key third section, the continuous shuttle run wasted Howard’s excessive physical ability, which led to "Warcraft" two consecutive fouls, but also a mistake. In order to save Howard’s physical ability, the Rockets coach can only change Howard rest. In particular, Howard had a good free throw penalty today, and he had 8 penalties in 5 games. In fact, Warcraft can do free throw hit rate of 100%, just because he had too much to save the character. The first half, the Blazers of the slave Amie rockets because of Foul Tactics and execution of penalty, but he missed two free throws at this time, Howard could not help laughing, unexpectedly when Howard then stand on the free throw line, he immediately rewarded, two misses. (Luan Taiwan)

霍华德17+14重回两双模式 嘲笑对手魔兽败人品-搜狐体育 >>数据 投篮点 实录 评论   北京时间2月7日,火箭主场以79-96负于开拓者,霍华德状态不错,全场10投6中,贡献了17分14篮板的两双数据,可惜队友状态太差,这也导致“魔兽”下半场被拖累。   因为被联盟禁赛,霍华德的状态起伏不定,幸好迎战开拓者队时,“魔兽”因为对手内线疲软而得到了施展拳脚的机会。从开场之后,霍华德连续在内线投篮得分,从他3投3中的手感来看,霍华德明显手感火热。   霍华德越打越好,就连哈登也开始主动给他输送炮弹。整个上半场,哈登只有3次助攻入账,但是这3次全部是助攻“魔兽”,可见火箭队的魔登组合正逐步找回当年的默契。   最终,霍华德只用了三节时间就砍下了14分11篮板的两双数据,“魔兽”也重新回到了自己两双的正轨上来。其实,霍华德完全可以收获一个大号两双,但是因为队友表现太差,再加上哈登频繁失误,这导致开拓者连续打出反击。   关键的第三节,连续的折返跑浪费了霍华德过多的体能,这导致“魔兽”连续两次犯规,而且还出现了一次失误。为了保存霍华德的体能,火箭主帅也只能将霍华德换下休息。   需要特别说明的是,霍华德今天的罚球手感也不错,他全场8罚5中。其实,魔兽完全可以做到罚球命中率100%,只因为他此前太不攒人品了。上半场,开拓者队的阿米奴因为火箭队战术犯规而执行罚球,但是他两次罚球全部罚丢,此时霍华德禁不住偷笑,没想到当霍华德此后站在罚球线时,他立刻也受到报应,两罚全失。   (鸾台)相关的主题文章: