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Hu Haimo: copy according to the parenting style really do not fly! – the mother and daughter group of Sohu is a good place to study. You are now experiencing things, there must be a mother had gone through, so the experience of the predecessors can help you avoid detours. However, others say, you come to learn, it is also necessary for you to learn wisdom. There is a story of primary school textbooks, said the horse grew up, mother asked him to send a bag of food to the side of the river, he came to the river not across the river, so he asked the cow, the cow said well, the river is very shallow just to the ankle, pony just to the water, the squirrels run, don’t too. The river is very deep, a few days ago he had a companion was swept down the river. The pony didn’t know what to do, so he went home and asked his mother. My mother took the pony pony across the river, discovered that the original river is not old so shallow, also no squirrels speak so deep. A new mother learning parenting experience in mother group, of course, can not copy, after all, every family, every child is different, so the same way, the same scene, everyone’s understanding is certainly different, then the conclusion is different. If you do not understand the hasty copy of the whole, it may not have any good results! In fact, the problem of scientific parenting is not so deep, especially our parents with children in the new daily, the problems are more concentrated, I calculated according to 1 hours one hour count, with 20 hours, you can on the 80% above problems in parenting process do well, and have their own solutions. This time, we will be cultivating nursery teachers is the mother school series wildly beating gongs and drums preparatory courses, 20 hours will let you become a childcare Master! Now, we are divided into 60 hours of these 20 sections, each section of the course has a total of 10 minutes, there are minutes, every day to learn 1-2 section, in less than 2 months, you can graduate from the novice mother camp. The course has not been fully recorded, and now I would like to recruit a group of seed students, to help us do the correction, to experience some of the effects of the course, I hope that there are 10 parents can participate. The value of this course is 698 yuan, of course, the volunteers to participate in the mother is not paid. If you want to join, please contact my WeChat 970286, I’ll give you a learning task. The premise of communication within the mother group is that you have to understand the most basic common sense, or else give you advice, you can not digest. [with the WeChat 970286 and Hu chat early education! I am Hu Haimo, if you think this article is valuable, please forward to more friends! Hu Haimo introduction: the first child of scientific concept of propagation, the mother of an independent economic coach, the science of child care promoters. Advisory parenting issues, please add WeChat QQ:719372 branch of the association will help you solve the Yan qu!相关的主题文章: