Huang Lichen strong pressure on the dollar to reduce the weak shocks Limited noiseware

Huang Lichen: a stronger dollar put pressure on gold weak tumbled Co. clients view the latest market Monday market news light, gold’s performance is lackluster, compared with the previous trading day prior to the lack of a lot of passion. Last week, the focus of the market focused on Yellen’s speech, gold fell under the expected pressure a lot, but after the beginning of the speech, the price of gold has shown a strong resilience, the dollar is a strong rise in the new week rose. Despite the recent Fed officials showed a certain extent will raise interest rates in September, but the market still cautious attitude, which made the pick up gold cost at the beginning of the week, but the next two days will be hawkish Fed officials speaking, gold may be poured a pot of cold water, in addition, Friday’s non farm payrolls data good or bad, to a certain extent, the market direction, taking into account the previous two data are very good, the impact of the gold data, presumably not too small. The price of gold in the last week after several consecutive trading days of decline, the daily STO index has been oversold, taking into account the news Monday light and short investors profit taking part, I in the article "Huang Lichen yesterday: Yellen speech fueled the dollar gold short-term oversold bounce" in the suggestions we do more than gold, in turn to 1320-1322-1325, the market is also more awesome, although volatility is very slow, but the high level of the day still reached 1325 in this position. Today, gold’s performance just like yesterday as commonplace, daily STO indicators oversold a MACD, but starting Wednesday, two Fed officials will continue speaking, two officials are hawks camp, in this expectation, the possibility of gold today continue to rebound is very small, and the short covering may end, today gold yellow Lichen consider the possibility to fall the market will be relatively large. In addition to the expected effect of the strong dollar to the gold price pressure should not be overlooked. The United States that Monday Chonggao back behind, today continues to rise, currently the United States that in the 95.8 high, days or will test 96 mark integer. Basically, this week, the whole may continue to be bearish, this view has been given on Monday, today will no longer repeat. A look at the technical level, there is still a strong resistance to the price of gold yesterday rebound highs near 1325 hours Bollinger band necking operation, the price of gold has been close to brin rail, but the STO index in the overbought area after Sicha has been in a downward state, the expected short-term break down the possibility of relatively large. The four hour chart, STO index is close to the overbought area formed Sicha, MA5 MA10 and the average wear cloth belt rail after turning down the price, K is located at MA10 below the average price of gold under pressure. Line level, Sergey with downward opening again signs, the average index continued Sicha, bears significantly suppressed, but the STO index oversold a MACD, expected pullback will be limited. Overall, short-term price of gold was weak, is expected to trend will shock down, but considering the recent price showed strong resilience, days retracement of yellow Lichen is not expected to be too big. Spot gold single strategy: 1322-132.相关的主题文章: