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Houston media have unveiled new signings like Deng brother did not stop Gordon handsome appearance Houston media day sina sports news Beijing time on September 24th, according to U.S. media reports, the Houston rockets held media day, in an interview, the Rockets have talked about the team for next season’s expectations, and praise for the core team James harden. Eric – Gordon in the summer to join the team, in today’s media day, reporters and he talked about the team core James harden problem. When it comes to the team leader, Gordon is full of praise, "I think the new season assists harden can easily exceed two digits." While talking about the prospect of the upcoming new season, Gordon said: "this is a very good team, each team will know what they should do, everyone is very excited, this feeling is quite good. What will happen in the future although it is still hard to predict, but I truly believe that we will be invincible." Another new aid team Nene also expressed the praise of the harden: "good luck next season on harden people." The team inside the core Clint – Cappella revealed that he was in the summer weight gain, his weight has increased by 10-12 pounds. In addition, Cappella said, in this offseason hard attack, including free throws, mid-range and low offensive pace etc.. Finally, Cappella served in the prospect of his team in the new season in the role, "at the end of the season, I have to stand on the defensive end, at the same time, I want to play more active on the offensive end, I want to dominate." Said Cappella, Rockets general manager Darrel Morley said, if the team wants to go further, you need to stand up to him. (fruit)相关的主题文章: