Hunan 12 Party members and cadres of illegal public funds were informed-yuria

Hunan Province, 12 Party members and cadres illegal public funds named on the original title: 12 Party members and cadres illegal public funds were named briefing Changsha newspaper reported in September 14th in the morning, few cars pulled out from the provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection organs. Before the thorough investigation, has become the focus of the discipline practice, checks for the provincial units and two provincial enterprises and institutions. The provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection also informed the names of 12 Party members and cadres illegal public funds issue. The combined examination to examine and take unannounced visits, audit, information access, field checks, and to the surrounding hotels, restaurants, supermarkets and shopping malls and office places in town. In addition to the style and check the provincial units and cadres, will also focus on checking whether there are illegal to send and receive boxing, illegal public funds, illegal payment of allowances and subsidies, public funds to travel, Gongjusiyong and drug-related problems such as gambling. 12 Party members were informed of this problem 5. In violation of subordinate units of public funds banquets and entertainment of Hunan Provincial Communications Department deputy inspector Chen Jianqiang served as secretary of the provincial maritime bureau, provincial waterway administration period, has five times to accept the invitation and participate in the illegal organization on behalf of a subordinate unit to celebrate the establishment of the company, and the annual review will spring festival get-together, dinner party branch activities and fishing, horseback riding, spa, singing and other recreational activities, and the company received gifts totaling 17 thousand yuan in the above activities, all costs of financial reimbursement in the company. In addition, Chen Jianqiang worked in the other two subordinate units illegal part-time reward totaling 199 thousand and 400 yuan. In the review period, Chen Jianqiang admit a good attitude, initiative to discipline and income, by the party warning. The director of illegal public funds problems when the primary research in Hunan Province Bureau of reclamation Fu Fangshi et al in the primary research of illegal public funds. In May 13, 2015, when he was Secretary of Provincial Bureau of reclamation of Fu Fang Shi, authority party secretary Ouyang Zhonghui to Yongzhou City Huilong Jiangyong County Wei management area for research work, lunch, dinner and Breakfast arranged by Hui Long Wei Management District, three dishes and drinks consumption beyond the standard 2087 yuan reception. The day after the dinner, the Secretary of agriculture, Ouyang Zhonghui and Fu Fang Shi Hui Long Wei Guan Li Qu Chen Chuangzu, Hui Long Wei management district party office director Liu Wei, Lengshuitan District Horticultural Field deputy director Zhou Liming and others went to a stall of public funds to eat snacks, drink 6 bottles of beer and 1 bottles of Yellow Wine, leading Zhou Liming drunken in the hospital. In addition, Fu Fang, Ouyang stay in excess of the prescribed standards. Fu Fang Shi, Ouyang Zhonghui to accept violations over the standard official reception, public funds to pay for the meal, super standard accommodation, were subject to party a serious warning; because of irregularities exceed the standard beyond the scope of the official reception, party a serious warning by Chen Chuangzu, Liu Wei, Wei Hui District Management logistics management center Li Zhiguo Zhou Liming are subject to Party warning, illegal drinking and cause adverse effects, by the party a serious warning and removal process. View all notifications: (reporter Yang Jieni)相关的主题文章: