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Hunan Baojing traditional village held "Danu Festival" Yao cellular costumes exhibition of national style – Beijing new network in Xiangxi in November 2 (Xinhua correspondent Zhang Kunyi Guo) in November 2nd, Hunan Baojing County traditional yaozhai village moved the Azat River Ling Zhen held a "colorful River between joy and Danu Festival, thousands of villagers and Yao the guests have a joyous gathering lively, Danu Festival"". Danu Festival is one of the traditional festival of the Yao people, also known as the "29 day", "ancestral mother festival", "Zhuzhu day", commonly known as the year of the yao. Azamethonium village Yao ancestors decided each year in the 28th day of the ninth month of the Chinese lunar calendar for "Danu festival". If special circumstances be extended, but not more than the 4th day of the tenth month of the Chinese lunar calendar. "Yao Danu meaning" don’t forget "". The wonderful performance attracted the villagers. Fancy places taken the day of the event, decorated, jubilant gongs, drums. The village gate, long array and array neatly wishers greeted, bark, buffalo horn sounded forceful music, suona sounded cheerful song. The girl was dressed in festive costumes Yao brought bar sweet rice wine, hanging colorful auspicious egg. Sacrifice station set up at Tian Ba on 4 the old man in the solemn suonasheng, to "Pan Wang" with the grain and water tofu, Baba glutinous rice, and the Yao language read the funeral oration, for praying. The villagers also Zibianziyan the unique characteristics of the "Yao Yao song", "toast", "Yao Yao long drum tools show" and other cultural programs, the Yao people’s living habits and folk culture show most incisive, won the audience applause. Yao dance. Easy guoshe finally, the hospitality of the Yao villagers and the Quartet visitors sitting together, enjoy the "banana feast table dustpan". Move between Ling Zhen River village scenery, revolutionary red old 37 Red Army martyrs buried here, Baojing county is the only Yao gathered, mainly to stone, surname Liu, Huang Hu, etc., about more than and 700 people, the local customs and habits of the Yao language culture to maintain good. In order to commemorate the ancestors, every year in the 28th day of the ninth month of the Chinese lunar calendar, the village will hold strong Yao culture activities, to promote national unity, publicity, exhibition, promotion between river Yao style and beautiful natural scenery. (end)相关的主题文章: