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Hurun released   Ankang topped the Henan richest family – Henan channel — original title: healthy family topped the Henan richest yesterday, Hurun Research Institute released the "2016 Hurun Report", Henan has a total of 41 entrepreneurs list. Hualan biological health family as Henan’s richest man to the wealth of 20 billion 500 million yuan, the Hurun standings ranked 112nd last year, ranking 21, wealth value scale compared with last year rose 21%. This is related to the continued growth of the outbreak of the big health industry. Henan is among the richest the second wife of Qin Yinglin, this year’s wealth scale is 18 billion 500 million yuan. Although so far, the pig cycle is still in the market, but the stock price of the original animal husbandry was affected by the overall capital market bleak, little increase in the size of its wealth. In third place is the source electric chairman Chu Jinfu, the wealth scale is 12 billion yuan. The ranking of the rich and the eagles farming family, Hou Jianfang, Wan Yongxing, Zhu Wenchen, Rui Mao Feng Changji Bandung Shuanghui, harmony. Most cattle Zhang Lei of Henan into the "Hu Run rich list" reporter from the Hu Run Research Institute released the 2016 "Hu Run rich list" found in the top ten list threshold increased by 20% over last year, reaching 78 billion. Wang Jianlin and his family to 215 billion yuan wealth to become the richest man in China for the third time. Ma Yun and his family 205 billion keep up to second. Ma Huateng 165 billion rose from 1 to third. 46 year old Yao Zhenhua is this year’s big dark horse, wealth doubled to $115 billion, an increase of more than 200 last year to more than $fourth. Yao Zhenhua said: "the average wealth rose 2 billion in a week," said Mr Hu Run." Robin Li, Ma Dongmin couple 98 billion yuan fell by 1 to eighth. Lei Jun fell out of the top ten, wealth 30% to 65 billion, dropped to fourteenth place. It is worth noting that, Hillhouse Capital Group founder, Henan Zhumadian Ji Zhang Lei with 22 billion of the wealth ranked ninetieth. Large food, rich in manufacturing aggregation, the industrial structure of Henan to witness this year’s Hurun rich distribution and industrial structure of Henan very well. Henan has become the largest food field of the most concentrated. In addition to the wife of Qin Yinglin, the Hou Jianfang family occupy the richest Henan’s second and fourth, Bandung Shuanghui, miss Li Wei, three Chen Zemin family, Cody Chen Qinghai couple, the Shi Jubin family miss you on the list. Big manufacturing also features obvious. After Chu Jinfu Senyuan electric third, the manufacturing sector’s focus, Tian Rui Li Liufa family, Tang Yuxiang Qiao Qiusheng, the Yellow River Yutong, Linzhou heavy machine whirlwind couple Guo Xiansheng, Shi Wanfu couples access to shares. In manufacturing, the most absorbing eye pharmaceutical sector is also a lot of rich. Including Henan’s richest man, Zhu Wenchen, family health, Wan Xi pharmaceutical Sun Yaozhi etc.. This year’s Henan rich list, the first appearance of 80 figure. Only 34 years old, Sheng Group chairman of the board of directors, President Lu Yibo? Fu home to the wealth of 4 billion yuan in Henan’s twelfth richest man, ranking the 997th Hurun report. Lu Yibo is Henan Province topped Hu Run)相关的主题文章: