In Japan, the fire brigade of horse sacrifice, Kyoto three odd Festival 9c8947

· Japan, fire brigade; horse offering, Kyoto three odd of offering the night of October 22nd each year, in the north side of the mountain by the Kyoto horse Qi shrine, the city surrounded by crowds of people, because the "sacrifice" the arrival of the fire horse. "Horse sacrifice" fire Imamiya shrine and long-standing, "night", to ritual sacrifice Hirotaka Temple Festival "and" cow called the Kyoto "three odd offering". According to legend, the era of peace, because of the turbulent social and natural disasters continue, so they decided to Emperor Suzaku in peace Beijing (now Kyoto Imperial Palace) by Qi Ming God moved house, moved to the north of the mountain horse Jing Ping, let God to guard the land from the north. In order to illuminate the road to move the palace, lit a torch column kamokawa River reed bundle, from the Kyoto Imperial Palace has been extended to the horse on the mountain. After the Qi Ming God moved to saddle mountain, Kyoto gradually settle down, horse area residents to move house appreciation and praise God efficacious, hold fire festival in October 22nd each year, until now. ?? Rui mountain electric iron horse line was already full to the pommel horse passengers, yet to have felt the upcoming horse Fire Festival how wonderful period. Follow the crowd did not go too long to see the horse, known as the "host" gathering place, placed in a carefully laid out in front of God, every family has prepared a small torch. The horse spread the word "for thirteen months a year, a symbol of local residents of the offerings made by fire of the attention. At sunrise and sunset of life, horse people every year especially to spend more than one month’s time to prepare for the festival. In mid September, the residents of the first mountain firewood, then all general mobilization, with rattan roots bunched into cedar, not the size of a torch. It was getting dark, wearing a black kimono old gentlemen began to light on both sides of the road of high pile of firewood, wearing thongs of the young men a group of several people, together hold more than and 80 kilograms of giant torches, shouting "go and, sytec and Noyes and her" slogan, very momentum. Then check the information and know that those, sytec and Noyes and her "about" cult, cult "meaning. ??????? "" not only can fire unto the horse is the men’s Pommel Horse Festival, everyone are added to the area where the boys and girls head 5, 6 year old tie ribbons, dressed in colorful traditional costumes, a few people together to hold small torches, shouting and encouraging efforts chant, tender voice sounds very infectious. There are more young mothers embrace the baby, some baby hand still holding a small torch. ???? Appears to prop up a red flag team in front of me, the men’s team held the torch, slowly forward, marching to midway, and also a group holding a black flag team met each other bow salute ceremony, entered into the climax. ?? With neat slogan, large and small, the torch was carried to the direction of the shrine, and as we walked along the roadside onlookers, the blockade, more and more people in front, through the dark mass of the head, see the torch was ordered up in the pommel horse in front of the temple hill on the stone steps, while more than and 300 beam the fire lit up the night sky. I seem to have forgotten the deep?相关的主题文章: