In order to avoid the violence wife runaway husband found her took a knife-antik

In order to avoid the violence wife runaway husband found her took a knife to avoid violence, she ran away from Guizhou to Jinhua, did not expect or found by her husband, but did not expect is that the dispute, the husband took out a knife…… September 26th at 5 o’clock in the afternoon, Jinhua City, south of the Yangtze River in the east coast of the village road, a joint venture with an enterprise dormitory. The parties to the case is a couple, the woman surnamed Wang, 31 years old, Guizhou people, the man surnamed Ren, aged 39, is also Guizhou. Ren and Wang married in 2006, married with two children, his son was 9 years old, her daughter was 7 years old. The couple home in Guizhou opened a shop selling Rice noodles, because as a temper and jealousy, the two sides quarrel frequently. Wang love playing mobile phone, often using a mobile phone Internet and chat, Yim suspicious, had more than one hit. Probably can not stand her husband’s temper, in September 16th, Wang quietly away from home, but also took home 4000 yuan. Because had worked in Jinhua, Wang once again came here. Ren also guessed that on September 24th at 7 in the morning, he sat for an hour after the bus, but also rushed over, and in the next two days to find the king of. Because of fears that the husband to beat her, Wang did not dare to go back to the village Yim, sister ma call, hope she persuade. Ma was in Wuyi, but also promised to catch up, on the afternoon of September 26th, the three met. At the beginning, Ren also said that he would converge his bad temper, promised to discuss things, but Wang still do not want to go home. Around 5 o’clock in the afternoon, Ren a little impatient, he stepped forward to drag Wang, but Wang and his hand to grasp the implantation along the edge, any drag. Angrily Yim reached the edge and took a knife, she turned toward Wang’s head of chopped two or three knife, and later on a horse back cut a knife, a horse escaped, but Wang died on the spot. Know your blunder, Yim qiubin to surrender to the police station. At present, as one has been Xingju, Ma is in the hospital for treatment, no danger.相关的主题文章: