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[in] rational zhe Lippi handprint after football association to do what? Sohu sports finally, Lippi came. After a week after the defeat in the Tashkent national team, China finally ushered in a new chief executive, Italy coach Lippi. Chinese fans are most familiar with, or Lippi in Guangzhou Hengda coach at the scene, the silver haired old eyes, full of wisdom, always seems to be in the most appropriate time to make the right decision. Older fans may remember Lippi, who led Italy to win the world championship, the one who came to a coach with a cigar in his hand, and the other was the one who had won the world cup in…… Yes, Lippi is finally here. As the beautiful goddess finally say to you: "Yes, I do (yes, I would like to)", the arrival of Lippi finally won China fans of a dream, a truly world class coach coach’s dream. Although a few years ago, Camacho also coached the Orangemen dubbed the "world class coach" name, but unlike Camacho, Lippi not only experience, more important is to Chinese football and other honors, though not said to know too much, but at least know so much, really is the best choose. So, we have to ask is, is it possible to sign the contract after Lippi can worry about everything? Our football association should do what work? Here may wish to discuss with you. People will not suspect whenever this level is famous, has the authority of love does not mean what one says, people have to work on their own in the backseat driver side, and this is precisely China football has always been the ills. Chinese football is not a lack of thinkers, is the lack of doers. Thinkers do not want to do anything, they are only willing to direct the work of others. Moreover, these "thinkers" thought is not uniform, everyone has his own idea, it can let people feel the real hard work unable to agree on which is right. Football Association needs to do is actually very simple – doubt people do not use, no doubt, although the football association is currently so stand, but we still remind the football association to implement this commitment. Since the choice of Lippi, we boldly to choose and employ persons, the power of the command of the field to him. Let him choose his favorite assistant, do not always get a Chinese characteristics of the Chinese coach group, both to make Lippi feel unhappy, our Chinese coach is also difficult to effectively carry out the work. Practice is still in the individual so that someone will ask, the local coach is still not able to get progress and promotion? This is to say an old saying: "give a man a fish as delegate to fish". Lippi is 68 years old this year, is likely to be the last leg of his coaching career. If the contract period is executed, after the expiration of the elderly have been 71 years old, for an honorary life sized coach, can care. One day Lippi will leave the country foot, but Lippi’s coaching philosophy should be continued, not renwangzhengxi. The football association need to do is very simple: select a coach group, but not to participate in the national team management and control work. Shut up, no less!相关的主题文章: