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In the end: BIG4 said the number of Lifan 12 points and had been 11 victorious – Sohu Sports Business Daily reporter Lu Mi the 2016 Super League season last week ended, Zhang Wailong used a eighth tied the record of last season Baoshan Wang Lifan history best results. The 15 home court for a season, the total number of 542753 people watching the scene. The data of Daily reporter finishing Lifan this season, with you and your Lifan review 2016. The 36184 ball, popular high attendance rate as a target to avoid relegation for the super team, I am afraid it is hard to find the same with Chongqing Lifan home court ball hit the city. From last season in Chongqing Olympic Sports Center has become the other opponent afraid of the devil home court. The reporter statistics, the 2016 season, the Lifan 15 home court to a total audience of 542753 people, the number of 36184 people were watching the game. Among them, there are 4 games over 40 thousand spectators, respectively is the first round home court against Hengda, third against Hong Kong, the seventh round of home court against national security, as well as the nineteenth round against Yongchang. The first round of battle of Guangzhou Hengda, Chongqing Olympic sports center with 48855 people in the first round in attendance. In the season rankings, Chongqing Olympic Sports Center in the home court never fell off the top (not delay rounds into calculation). 50 goals still did not solve the problem of defense at the beginning of the season, the weakness of the front to bring the Lifan 11 consecutive rounds extremely. But as the season goes on, the Koreans find "truth" in the dark, with Fernando, Kardec and Wang Dong as the core of the offense, Lifan way linked to advance echelon successfully. This season, Lifan has scored 43 goals, this figure is what concept? Hengda scored 62 goals, the Hong Kong 56, Suning 53 grain, Guangzhou bodied 47 grain, Shenhua 46 grain, Chongqing Lifan ranked in the 5 teams ranked sixth. Now the team’s highest paid striker Gigliotti and Kaerdeke, two people who do not add up to 10 million euros, less than Guangzhou bodied tie Harvey, not to mention foreign aid vanguard of tens of millions of euros worth of other teams. The daily news reporter in an exclusive interview with Zhang wailong, he said that this year the regret is still not solve the problem of defense. Conceded, Lifan lost the ball came with 50 goals in Shijiazhuang Yongchang, this year in section more than and 2 team goals. Compared to last year’s 53 ranked in the third place, an increase. Because of this year to play the 4 defender, defensive end pressure is also increasing, but the fluency on the offensive end, the goal difference, this year better than last year by -7 -15. 11 victorious 5 starts again from behind last year Lifan returned to the superior stage, for two consecutive years at the beginning of the season are considered to be relegated to popular. "Start to lose a ball to start" this sentence is often heard from the fans mouth. But in this season, but no one dared to speak of. It is also a "backward Chongqing Lifan untouchables". In 11 over the game, Lifan played 6 1:1 score in 5 games.相关的主题文章: