In the old Burma launched the fifty-first Mekong joint patrol enforcement in Beijing winavi

In the old Burma launched the fifty-first Mekong joint patrol law enforcement in new network news agency – in Xishuangbanna on 25 October, (Zhao Jiabi Wang Binghao) "for 5 years, we experience a sense of security, water on the detachment of law enforcement personnel involved in the Mekong joint patrol enforcement efforts is obvious to people, we run the ship crew in the Mekong River and my heart at ease many." Chen Jiacheng, a member of the Chinese merchant marine treasure 6. The Mekong River water show October, full of vitality. The old Burma and Thailand law enforcement departments in accordance with the annual plan in 25 in Yunnan Xishuangbanna Dai Autonomous Prefecture guanlei port to start the tenth time this year, a total of fifty-first times the Mekong joint patrol enforcement. The enforcement action lasted 4 days, during the joint patrol duty, fleet in Golden Triangle waters to conduct joint public inspection, joint visits, publicity and other activities, strengthen the prevention and combating of Mekong Fanqiang and drug trafficking, smuggling, smuggling and other illegal acts efforts. Recently, the movie "the Mekong" action is being aggressively, people once again think of October 5, 2011, shocked the Mekong "10? 5" massacre, 13 China crew in Golden Triangle waters, extremely brutal world. In 5 years, with the old Burma and Thailand law enforcement departments, continue to carry out joint patrol enforcement, increase remediation efforts to highlight security problems on the Mekong River, working together to maintain the Mekong River shipping safety, security around the crew and along the masses increased significantly. "10? 5" after the massacre, in the old Burma Mekong joint patrol enforcement to protect the safety of the freight and along the Mekong on social order, the law enforcement team made a great contribution in the Mekong River, we are very grateful to them, the crew, the big daddy, I have felt very safe, have a heart spectrum!" Chinese merchant ship Shun far 11 crew Lu Yifei said. The Mekong River Basin law enforcement security cooperation mechanism for the safety of the crew and a sense of self-confidence from the old Burma and Thailand established law enforcement departments, especially joint patrol enforcement once a month on the Mekong River and the combination of the two line. Since the Mekong joint patrol enforcement mechanism normalization, the Mekong River shipping security situation has improved significantly, there is no interception, robbery, kidnapping, murder, extortion, charge fees and other cases. The merchant alarm channel is also more smooth, more timely disposal, the alarm will, grant whatever is no guarantee of security, goodbye, my heart is not practical day. (end)相关的主题文章: