In the streets of Fuyang antiques scam men cheated million

In the streets of Fuyang antiques scam men cheated million yuan Master Wu lives in Hangzhou Fuyang Xindeng Town, usually by tricycle soliciting a living place. Recently, he came to the new police station, said he suffered a antiques scam, and tells her to the police after being cheated…… "The afternoon of September 24th around a bit, I like the tricycle parked in the new street usual, going to start soliciting. At this time, a man dressed in black came over, let me take him to the new road 18." Master Wu said, "I took him to the emerging Road No. 18, found that the destination is a place to sell furniture, he said that this position is not automatic speaking, and then someone sitting up. He after the end of the phone, told me that the alley next to the police station, just the wrong position." "I also follow his instructions to the police station next to the alley, then have found a man in white clothes waiting for him, then the white man on the tricycle." Master Wu said, in my tricycle, black man on the white man said he had an antique here, intends to sell. The white man said recently it is buying some antiques, you can consider starting, but first please expert appraisal. After the white man also said that he had just met a person who can identify antiques, in the vicinity, but according to the ‘road’ rules, the seller can not go along with. Black man also promised." Master Wu smile a lot, continue to say: "they talk about good, black men get off. The white man then let me put the car in the village of Shuangjiang, on arrival, I found a man waiting for him to shape the fat of Shuangjiang village. I was standing beside them, that shape the fat man pulled out from his pocket and gloves and a magnifying mirror with decent mode for a moment and said this antique to sell up to 160 thousand yuan." "After the antique price appraisal well, let the white man I drove back to the original place and meet the black man, just when I thought of soliciting the end, the white man was talking to me." Master Wu said, white man said to me, do not want to make a big profit, we can do something on the antique price. At that time, I do not know how their own, then took his words, asked him how to earn the money. The white man later said to me, the black man lied about antiques worth only eighty thousand yuan, then you and I bought the antique, we sell them to the identification of antique man." "When I said he did not so much money, white man said let me a little less, it was $seventy thousand, I ten thousand yuan, the money earned one half. I think there is such a good thing, after the doings of ghosts and gods agreed, was "getting away, for fear of" hurry to go to the bank to withdraw money." Master Wu said, I put ten thousand yuan to the white man, we came to the destination and the black man meet. It was surprisingly smooth, white man put eighty thousand yuan to the black man with an antique, let me take the tricycle to Shuangjiang village." Master Wu sighed and said, "the car on the way, the white man suddenly said to me, just in case, he looked at the black man would not let him go, let me go to the antique appraiser with Shuangjiang village to find the plump body.相关的主题文章: