India local Gypsies lived in what Less than China’s barn – Sohu

India local Gypsies lived in what? Chinese than the barn as – a gypsy village tourist town of Pushkar Sohu. The living environment here is so poor that it is inferior to that in some parts of china. This built shack also make people drunk. Beautiful cloth dress and shawl is the unique color gypsy woman dress. Grow up is to live in such a gypsy child shack. This is a good, at least for brick. Also know the quilt under the sun drying. The cat dog chicken know to find a place to cool off. This house does not know how to live. Get the quilt under the sun. Men are generally lazy, women and children are begging outside, so to maintain life. Why do they have so many children? They will say that because of the poor, so many students. Give birth to more children, every day to beg outside, the more children, begging more, ha ha, this is why they have more children. Dig a hole in the ground can cook, but their bread is really delicious. The two man was lying in the shade in the women took the basin to the outside to pick up the dried Camel dung as fuel. On the big cake?. India Gypsies eat very simple, after doing a cake with a little soup, soup is a meal. Ready to move, this is all belongings.相关的主题文章: