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Home-Appliances There can be precious few national dishes that have captured the imagination of the international .munity quite like the pizza. Pizza, along with pasta of course, is a dish predominantly associated with Italy. However its genius rests in the fact that it can be topped with fairly much anything edible, leaving it open to be adopted as a food form by more or less any culture, whatever its own culinary tradition. The pizza is in effect a fusion of ingredients (the topping) cooked upon a base of dough. The base, or crust, can be thick (deep pan) or thin. It can be seasoned with a variety of herbs or stuffed with cheese. Although typically the pizza is circular in shape it can be square (an option popular in the United States), or indeed may take the torpedo form more usually associated with a baguette. To the purists there are only two real pizzas, the Margherita and the Napoletana. Notwithstanding this the Italians themselves have produced a wide range of other toppings and peculiarly national, regional and local versions also abound throughout the world. In Australia, for example, a breakfast version includes bacon and egg alongside the more traditional ingredients of tomato and cheese, and a gourmet pizza featuring anything from seafood, dill and salmon to kangaroo is also popular amongst many. In India tandoori chicken and paneer are frequently used, in Sweden (oddly) a pizza base with a doner kebab topping is held in particularly high regard, in Israel kosher and non-kosher versions can be found and in Korea bulgogi and dak galbi adorn the menu alongside such peculiar toppings as crushed tortilla chips, potato wedges and pumpkin seeds. Indeed a pizza can be almost anything you desire it to be just so long as it arrives on a dough base that has been cooked in a pizza oven . Thus what makes a pizza a pizza is not so much what happens to be on it, or even what it happens to be on, so much as how it is prepared and cooked. Dough (historically made from strong flour with a high protein content) is kneaded by hand or with a mixer, and the end product is then placed into an electric pizza oven to be cooked. Of course when pizzas are cooked in quantity, either for transportation to a number of food outlets or at a busy eating establishment, .mercial equipment on a more industrial scale is called for. Pizza ovens that can cook more than one pizza at a time, or that are capable of producing the finished item more quickly without .promising on the quality of the food itself, are essential not to mention highly useful tools of the trade. About the Author: – – – – – – – – – – 相关的主题文章: