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Inventory sacked officials discipline "records": there are six cadres discipline violation – all Sohu news [editor’s note] just closing of the the sixth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee communique proposed, discipline is an important guarantee for the whole party unity of will, unity of action, keep step with forward, the party is an important part of political life. Must be strict party discipline, the discipline is in the front, with iron discipline strictly. October 12, 2015, the CPC Central Committee Political Bureau meeting examined and adopted the revised regulations on discipline of the Communist Party of china. "Regulations" in accordance with the principle of separation of rules, the original 10 categories of violations, integration of violations of political discipline, organization and discipline, discipline, and discipline of the masses, work discipline and discipline behavior class six, and clearly lists the six discipline of the negative list, eighteen since the new discovery of cliques, engage in the villagers will, the central problem of false discussion in column. Common medical records: nearly a year of 29 in the management of cadres is a violation of the first three discipline found out, since the revision of the "Regulations" issued by the end of September 13, 2016, the Commission of the Ministry of Supervision Website "disciplinary review" directory issued a total of 37 cadres in Party discipline bulletin. The Commission for the sacked officials to write "records", we used the language to describe the discipline violations of their violation of the six discipline situation has said, reflects the concept of discipline and discipline improvement and regression to review the nature of discipline. The Commission website "disciplinary review" column published in the management of cadres disciplinary punishment bulletin screenshot statistics show that the 37 people in violation of rules of only 3 people are not included in the violation of political discipline. Party discipline, political discipline in the first place, is the most important, the most fundamental, the most critical discipline, abide by the party’s political discipline is an important basis for compliance with the party’s discipline. Facts have proved that no matter what discipline violations, the development of their own, will eventually erode the party’s ruling foundation, but also undermine the party’s political discipline. Central Commission for Discipline Inspection of the notification of the cadres were appeared in violation of the party’s political discipline. Some report also carried out a specific description of the "violation of the party’s political discipline and political rules", such as former Secretary of the Hebei Provincial Committee, provincial people’s Congress, former director of Zhou Benshun "on major issues: Contrary to the central spirit of the speech, do not seriously implement clean government responsibility, interference, interfere with the organization review of national safety production; administration of the former party secretary Yang Dongliang," non political organization activities interfere with organization review; the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Autonomous Region Party committee of the original Committee, former vice chairman of the Pan Yiyang government "in non organized political activities, not to the organization that issues"; the the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Party committee of the original Committee, former Secretary of the Nanning Municipal Committee Yu Yuanhui published "comprehensive strictly contrary to the requirements of speech". In addition, 37 of the total of 29 people in violation of the political, organizational, clean these three disciplines. After the political discipline, organization and discipline discipline ranked the six largest of the two, not in accordance with the relevant regulations or requirements, and report to the organization of major issues, important issues, these problems seem "small problem", but for a member of the Communist Party is no sense of organization, there is organization and discipline.相关的主题文章: