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Babies-Toddler Ireland is one of the richest countries when it .es to history. Its long and legendary history is something about which other countries can only read and admire. The rich lineage of heritage which has been observed in Irish history is truly astonishing. An important part of this is the Irish names. In Irish Baby Names, you easily see the influence of its adjoining areas like Scotland, Wales and England. Celtic and Gaelic names deserve a special mention here as a significant chunk of Irish Baby Names belong to these two categories. Actually such has been the influence of these two categories, today when you speak of Irish Baby Names you always consider a subset containing names under Celtic, Gaelic and Irish origin. One distinguishing feature of Irish Baby Names is that none of them are made from a collection of letters that sound cue or beautiful to us. Every Irish Baby Name has a special meaning, mostly historic, attached with it. A simple example is the name Donnacha which has the meaning dark haired warrior. Now this name Donnacha actually has been derived from two Gaelic names which are donn meaning brown and cath meaning battle. But despite having such beautiful meanings to them, most of the names today are known to many without any knowledge of their actual meaning. Another important feature of Irish names is that they have be.e anglicized over the length of history. This feature can be easily shown in the popular name Kevin. This name .es from the Gaelic name Caoimhin. The feminine version of this name is Caoimhe. Today, many of the ancient Irish names are again being used to name new-born babies. Names like Niamh meaning beautiful and Cian meaning ancient are being associated with many people. And this spread of Irish names is not only occurring in European countries but in countries all over the globe. But this was not the scenario earlier. There came a time in history when Irish names were outlawed. The constant battles between the English Protestant and the Catholic churches led to the disappearance of many Gaelic names. But today, it is this history associated with these names that is making them even more popular. But did you notice that in the entire write-up till now, we have only discussed Irish Boy Names? You must be dying to find out more about Irish Baby Girl Names right? Irish Girl Names are very popular in the US today. Again here, the popularity of Irish Girl Names is on an increase due to beautiful meaning attached to these names. This can be justified by some nice Irish Girl Names mentioned below:- Briana means strong, virtuous and honorable. Shannon means small and wise Ashlyn means a vision and dream Whats more, these are the names of some very popular Hollywood actresses! So if you are expecting a girl child, why not give your baby an Irish Girl Name? As you must have deciphered from the article, Irish Names are catching the eye of everyone and it is always to name your child with a name that is culturally as well as historically rich. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: