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Menstruation do not adjust, so a good pregnancy maternal – Sohu my 94 years of age, only 22 years old, in fact, is not too big, but from 13 years old to normal menstruation never, sometimes two or three months or half a year only once before, has not put on the heart, always feel small the older generation, people always say that a few years are just a little unusual, has been so at the age of 18 or so, and then find a special look at the rural gynecological doctor looked at, he gave the progesterone tablets to eat, then, don’t eat not to. I have a week of pain dysmenorrhea, every four days or so, eat this medicine did not improve any problems, lead to weight gain of 10 kg, then the progesterone stopped, the rural doctors and opened the medicine for two months, that is no hormones, not fat can be cured, then bought a aoyao the casserole, because Hebei is the home of Xingtai, has been working in Beijing, so packed with Chinese medicine for two months to Beijing every day at six a.m. in the morning to boil, boil, boil the night to eleven midnight, when eating to menstruation, do not eat not to menstruation. Later removed to Beijing Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine, the doctor prescribed medicine, saying Beijing medicine really expensive, a month to about five thousand, for me this girl really distressed ah, would like to eat three months still do not come menstruation, but fortunately the old constipation in this to see. Then I went to see western medicine, home to Beijing infertility hospital, to do a comprehensive inspection, was informed of the polycystic ovary, uterus small, easy to infertility, at that time did not know what is the disease, just heard the whole heart is easy to infertility, collapse, so the doctor opened three April metformin, Tiaojing cuyun pill, because since the doctor endless, I 25 kilograms of fat, make weight doctor, after returning home to start running, medication, metformin after eating anorexia to eat Anything, and nausea, but three months persist or not normal menstruation, lost ten pounds, and then my husband and I went to the wedding. Before we fall in love for 4 years, sometimes not contraception never conceived, and then prepare for the wedding, I did not see a doctor, but every day on the Internet to see the case of polycystic ovary, until the end of November 2015 last year I got married after exposure to build the software, encouraging every day to see many sisters upgrade to the a lot of my six months after marriage, never contraception, half to the first menstruation, around and they almost married friends, even than you are late pregnant, the heart in the way, and then in April this year, quit the job and began the arduous journey of conditioning, 51 home from Beijing, reported the driver’s license, while conditioning research also enrich a little while, and found a sixty or seventy year old Chinese medicine pulse, eating Chinese medicine, he said that I can adjust the two month after, then began a day Repeated aoyao drink the medicine, until just beginning to drink 50 days to menstruation, but this marriage second times to menstruation, do others ovulation test paper of pregnant, then play crazy urine, since the this time will no longer come menstruation, always undetectable strong positive, the heart has been to the extreme collapse, then decisively.相关的主题文章: