Is cell phone battery really a time bomb Not so simple (video) nvidia geforce gt 740m

Is cell phone battery really a time bomb? Not so simple Tencent (Eskimo) Samsung Galaxy Note battery is easy to cause the problem of explosion is still ongoing fermentation. In just a week, we have seen many similar incidents reported: a user of Note 7 in the hotel exploded and caused $1400 in property damage, another user’s mobile phone and even the whole car is lit. And recently, there is a Note 7 in the hands of a boy aged 6 explosion. Mobile phone can be said to be the most personal electronic devices in people’s daily life, but worrying is that this and our goods are inseparable to the risk of explosion. Mobile phone explosion and caused the user to be injured when the incident occurred, in these accidents, causing the phone to ensure that the culprit is almost invariably the battery. But in the understanding of the principle of the battery and the cause of the explosion after you will find that as long as the proper use of cell phone batteries in fact, we do not think so dangerous. The root cause of the explosion of mobile phones! Look at how dangerous the lithium polymer battery is charging! The battery works like this, and we need to figure out how it works. The battery has both positive and negative poles, which are located at opposite ends. The anode (cathode) is responsible for the storage of positively charged ions, there is a lithium ion, which is stored in "fuel" place. Contrast is the positive electrode (anode), used for storage of negatively charged ions. During charging, lithium ions move from the anode to the cathode. When the battery works, the lithium ion moves in the opposite direction. Between the two poles of the battery is a chemical called electrolyte, its role is to help the ions in the shuttle between the poles. So why does the battery explode? In fact, although the ions need to move between the poles to work, but the poles of the battery itself should not be in contact with each other, because this will redirect energy to the electrolyte. In order to avoid this situation, the battery manufacturers will be placed in the diaphragm between the poles. Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is the problem of membrane defects caused by bipolar contact. When this happens, all the energy in the battery goes into the middle of the electrolyte rather than the poles. The electrolyte itself is not a chemical stability, when subjected to too much energy, whether because of polar contact or external temperature is too high, they will produce large amount of heat, reaction with other chemicals and gases, and then generate more heat. With the chemical reaction occurs repeatedly, the gas will be faster and faster release heat, the controllable positive feedback process is known as "thermal runaway", cause the battery to fire and explosion arch-criminal is it. In chemical processes, thermal runaway refers to the loss of control of the exothermic reaction, which leads to an increase in temperature. Thermal runaway is a very common phenomenon, occurring in many physical and chemical processes. Where is the bottleneck of battery technology, the vast majority of electronic equipment is now used in lithium-ion batteries – including smart phones, laptops, cars, wearable devices and.相关的主题文章: