It will not do with laser blade metrosexual man is so simple

It will not blade by laser is so simple to do metrosexual man many male compatriots, with a razor to shave the most afraid of is when the blade is blunt, not only it may accidentally scratch scratch yourself, the same problem also appears in the hair with hair removal knife female friend. Laser razor and now there is a Skarp, wool and ordinary razor blade shaving different, it is used for laser hair removal. Allegedly, this Skarp razor is from the invention of laser hair removal technology in 1989 Morgan Gustavsson. At that time, laser hair removal technology can be used for different skin color, age, gender of the user’s hair, through different special wavelength to burn hair. And now this Skarp laser razor is adhering to the laser hair removal technology, using 6061 aluminum, the overall appearance of the shape of L, and thanks to the application of laser technology, Skarp shaver does not need water or to bubble, do not worry or cut skin irritation. So don’t be scared to two characters of laser, Skarp laser razor in fact does not rely on the heat to burn the beard, so it will not have adverse effects on the skin, and in theory it can adapt to all kinds of people, as long as you are shaving demand. And because the power is very small, so a section 7 battery can also use a month or so of time. The Skarp laser razor to raise the public price of about 605 yuan, the razor is not very cheap, but do not bother to change the blade, don’t worry will cut the skin like, may shed a female friend for a few times, but for men, it’s worthy of purchase. After all, the laser shave, think is cool!相关的主题文章: