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James 21+8+7 Erwin 26 points and 32 points against the Raptors Deluozan Knight – Sohu sports > > data point shooting record of Beijing time on October 29th, the new NBA regular season ushered in a strong dialogue, the Eastern Conference finals last season the two team knight and Toronto pedestria, Knight 94-91 away victory over Toronto finally ushered in the two game winning streak. James scored 21 points and 7 rebounds, assists, Erwin scored 26 points, 6 rebounds and 6 assists, Le Fu, 18 points and 10 rebounds, 11 points and 10 rebounds in the game of the team, with a total of about 8 points and rebounds. Toronto, Deluozan scored 32 points and 7 rebounds, Lori 17 points and 4 assists, Waland Nath 10 points and 17 rebounds, Carol 8 points and 6 rebounds. The four score (Toronto in front) were: 23-28,17-22, 27-21,24-23 the beginning of the game, the knight three giants force first angry, Erwin hit the jumper, James off Bulan, Le Fu also sent back singles, Knight made 6-0 start. After the Knights attack efficiency declined, Lori for the Raptors Biao after three minutes, Erwin was quick to respond to a singles. After a pause, Deluozan line jumper, knight team playing, Thompson dunk the basket score, James hit three points, 9 points ahead of cleveland. The last paragraph of the first section, DeRozan and Kevin launched the attack, Lok Fu in the low post even won the vote with 6 penalty points, DeRozan continuous high difficulty has hit 6 points back. The end of the first section, the knight 28-23 lead toronto. Once a day, was also broken Toronto walking mistakes, Erwin immediately Biao in three, James also hit the board in the back, the knight will be opened to the poor 10 points. After Lori behind Carol hit the jumper, in two consecutive Biao record three points, only three points difference. After the suspension of both mistakes constantly, shooting for a blacksmith. Time to end, Erwin scored 4 points, JR steals back the basket, Carrefour also hit three points, the Raptors attack has stalled, with Deluozan two free throws, the end of the first half, Knight 50-40 lead toronto. The third section of the game, both sides attack stalled again, after two minutes, only a Xiunasi varan score warfare. After Erwin stood out, hit two consecutive record three points, Le Fu also hit the difficult buzzer jumper, Knight continued around the very leading. Toronto is under the leadership of DeRozan, continuous counter attack killing to catch up with the score, Boulter, Jing Tianbu staged buckle hit into 2+1, after DeRozan once again hit the CIC, Toronto will divide the difference to only 1 points. With James and DeRozan each hit, the end of the third quarter, Knight 71-67 lead toronto. Small game, xiangbote hit three points, Joseph ushered in the outbreak, even 6 points, to 1 points will be worse again. After the suspension, the two sides once again open the mistakes with blacksmith mode, two minutes not to score. Boulter’s layup to break the scoring drought, Erwin quickly responded with three points, James layup, Knight hold lead, then binary continuous killing Raptors scored 9 points, chasing the score into 86 levels. James offensive foul two free throws)相关的主题文章: