Japan and South Korea to fight against the original comfort women victims sued the South Korean gove 519697

Japan and South Korea against the consensus of former comfort women victims of the new network in August Beijing sued the Korean government and claims in 31, according to Japanese media reports, the former comfort women and a total of 12 people 30 days this month to the end of 2015 due to the Korean comfort women by consensus and mental torture and other grounds, to the Seoul central district court proceedings, request the South Korean government to provide 100 million won per person (about 600 thousand yuan) in compensation. It is composed of the comfort women issue against South Korea on South Korean civic groups such as "justice in order to reveal memory Consortium" solution to the Japanese sex slaves for the lawsuit is affected by the comfort women support group Korean volunteer team countermeasures agreement "and" share "home of aid of former comfort women etc.. Data figure: comfort women victims are reported, these comfort women victims also claimed that: suffered the loss of the right to claim the Japanese government was taken away." About the comfort women’s right to claim, South Korea in 2011 the constitutional court ruled that the Korean government did not take the Japanese side offer consultation and other specific measures unconstitutional. The original comfort women, such as Japan and South Korea agreed that the results of the violation of the ruling, accusing the South Korean government to give up the relief of their nationals". In addition to the above two groups, the group of lawyers for the democratic society of lawyers will also give support. According to the consensus of Japan and South Korea, the Korean government set up a reconciliation cure consortium intends to provide 1 billion yen (about RMB 65 million yuan) from the Japanese government to pay for the original comfort women in each live about 10 million yen. South Korean Foreign Ministry spokesman said 30, said: Japan and South Korea, including the requirements of the consensus of the victims." It is understood that the just memory consortium aims to fight the South Korean government consortium, announced in June will be set up. According to relevant sources, in August 22nd the consortium was approved by the South Korean government’s National Human Rights Commission was formally established.相关的主题文章: