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Japan’s economic downturn "Andouble economics" lose the family to buy cheaper goods of the U.S. stock market center: exclusive national industry sector stocks, premarket after hours, ETF, real-time quotes warrant February 25, 2016, Tokyo, a woman in a display of goods shop. REUTERS Yuya Shino Sina stocks news Beijing 25, Reuters reported, although Japan has been implemented for three years, the so-called "Andouble economics", namely the bold stimulus plan launched by Abe Shinzo, the prime minister, but still no change in Japan’s business and consumer deflation thinking. As Japan’s economy is faltering, companies that have taken measures to raise prices for sustained economic recovery are beginning to rethink their strategies. Many consumers choose to buy cheap products because of their limited disposable income, which is good news for discount retailers that have flourished during the past 20 years of economic stagnation. Yuko, a 48 year old housewife, Narita, says she is tightening household spending and looking around for daily necessities and clothing. "I feel this year’s economic growth is stagnant, and the business is very poor, so I don’t want to buy big things," she said. Get a pension at the age of 75 part-time staff Nobuko Jin said, her food and clothing, only to buy necessities. "I feel the price is rising, I think the benefits of Andouble’s economics go. I’m trying to cut back on spending, "she said. With the loss of economic momentum, sales of cosmetics, clothing, toilet paper and other goods discount store Don Quijote Holdings business ushered in the recovery. The company expects operating profit to grow by more than 4% in the year to June. "Household spending is not going to be strong, and that’s when the focus is on discount stores, so that’s a good thing for us," said Takahashi, chief financial officer, Mitsuo. The restaurant chain operator Skylark Group lowered the prices of some of the projects, also launched a cheaper lunch menu, to attract families to come to dinner. UNIQLO parent fast retailing price in two consecutive years after the injury clothing sales also changed the strategy, its latest quarter operating profit growth of 18.6%. "We will continue our strategy (New), the price in the autumn and winter," chief financial officer Ken Okazaki said. Holdings, chairman of furniture and home accessories discount retailer Nitori (Chairman) Akio Nitori, said his company will not increase prices. "It’s hard to get back to the customer once the price goes up," he said. Fear of deflation reproduction of the Japanese economy stagnated in 4-6 month, last month, the largest drop in the global financial crisis, the deterioration of business confidence fell to the level before the Andouble economics. In addition to the original decision officials to worry about the external risk, to reverse the social mentality of deflation in Japan, all this makes the situation even more difficult. This downturn is expanding beyond the realm of exports 7相关的主题文章: