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Jeremy Lin group of the team on the field have no passion to become a new problem in series – Sohu sports > > data point shooting record hot friends Beijing time on November 1st, according to the "New York post" reported that the home court to 88-118 defeat the bulls, Jeremy Lin Bryant played 24 minutes, doing all 10 throw in 6 with 14 points and 4 assists in 4 steals. Obviously, the nets for this summer lineup shuffle cost. Earlier in an interview with reporters, Jeremy admitted this season, the nets there is no room for mistakes. Scola also said that if the team does not work hard in the field, will lose every game. At present, the team’s record is 1 wins and 3 losses, the record is not ideal. "We’ve been losing this season." Jeremy said: "we have not made a tactical roll with at the same time in the defensive end did not give each other enough pressure, our overall performance in the field without passion, even if you are in this world more talented players on the pitch, not to fight, you can’t win the game." The night feeling cold shooting only 34.4%, three hit rate is 16.1% of the poor. The team has only 14 assists, the attack is clearly not able to form a whole. In contrast, the bulls are 50.6% shooting and the shooting rate of three points, the team sent a total of a total of 26 assists in the game. "They are a more aggressive team, and they are very good at defending us." Atkinson said, "they took advantage of our team’s defensive weaknesses and used it." Now the book has become the core of the tactical team, he needs to better connect the team, everyone will maximize the potential to stimulate their own potential. (Vincent)相关的主题文章: