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Jiaxing by the "catfish" influence next autumn air temperature dropped significantly It’s raining and blowing hard. remnants is not over, people still call hot at noon yesterday, but 3 pm from the southeast of dark clouds amidst the winds of change, the direction of the layout, the sun disappears immediately. Originally, this is the seventeenth typhoon this year, "catfish" has landed in Taiwan Taitung to the coastal area of Hualian, affected by the peripheral circulation, as a "striker" rain has sent soldiers along the coast of Jiaxing. Next, the typhoon "catfish" what will be the trend, affect the geometry of the city? Reporters learned yesterday from the Municipal Meteorological Observatory, overcast with showers today, rainfall to large, local heavy rain, the northeast wind gust 5~6 level 7, coastal 6~7 class gust of 8, the lowest temperature of today, the temperature of 23 degrees, the maximum temperature of 26 degrees C. Tomorrow overcast with showers, the northeast wind 4~5 level, the temperature further down, in the 21 – to – 24 degrees C. Review yesterday, compared with yesterday’s highest temperature close to 30 degrees Celsius, is reached 31.2 degrees yesterday yesterday morning, the minimum temperature in previous days increased significantly, and the air humidity, feeling slightly hot. With the advent of the typhoon "catfish" autumn heat this is coming to an end, the next two days and the temperature dropped significantly over the two days before. Meteorological experts, the "catfish" the collective influence peripheral circulation and cold air in our city this morning to rain tomorrow are infested, especially today, the rain will be significantly enhanced, local heavy rain, please go to work to take umbrellas, Caution! Road.相关的主题文章: