Jilin Shennong manor, the sweet morning tour – Sohu ca1806

Jilin: Shennong manor, the sweet morning tourism Sohu – I was born in 70s, almost never tasted the taste of hunger, Thanksgiving father and mother. They worked hard, occasionally stretched when falling in the eyes of the children, branded in childhood memories. Understand the hard won food, it is no need to turn around the poetry treasure. In the past some days, or willing to chew the sweet morning. "Sweet" to describe not Jiaoqing means, just return to meet, the joy of the mind. Spa refreshing sleep soundly last night. The morning slowly opened, out of the hall door, hug fresh. The air is fresh, moist with dew, attract you unable to restrain the emotions breathing. There is no noise, the sun calmly to the eyes of all the elegant gold, of course, including them. They are like the vertical and horizontal, autumn girl with affectionate wings, from the green metal into yellow, at the moment, and was generous dawn, giving the symbolic colors full. Full autumn is a unique language, nature, has mature charm. Some straw, with full of happy laughter, together with friends still upright, fluttering gently in the morning breeze in the pan, intoxicating ripples. Jin Cexian shook, SuiEr leaned on the leaf, leaning on the harvest waiting. After talking with the sun, hope, wait, have been sprinkled with dew glistening, happy tears flowed out of joy. Some people came and walked through the ridge, Daoxiang, with a hazy shadow, a silent rhyme. Quiet and sweet, even Tian can not bear to disturb, just quietly lying in a ditch, and the hope of the earth, the loess. Beautiful, do you think? I’m drunk. Compare the harvest beautiful picture, "canvas" has two different temperament, called Shennong, also called badlands, the former Gaogede thoroughly, the latter can be plain, it is a contrast, a high degree of combination. "The food here is delicious. It’s always been Gongmi," he said last night. Really delicious. Fragrant waxy soft and slippery, chewing especially fragrant, and non stick teeth. Gongmi said, with the emperor Kangxi. That son Beishou, by inspecting the old haunt, the taste of Shennong rice production after the much appreciated, returned to Beijing after obsession, as regards the imperial special; therefore, the emperor also gave a poem: Jilin Ukraine La in Dadong, Shennong rice planting Bai Li ying. Yinzhan jade peak grain meal, dare to Fumi press pack. "Hunger breeds discontentment", "hungry" situation is not conceal, because the stove will know, the dishes will know, spoon chopsticks will know, the mouth will know, on the other hand will know, so, the whole world will know that this will shake the fundamental state of solid. Kangxi is Ming Jun, naturally understand this truth. I crouched down, fingers are wetted with pan Lingxiao and ethereal light ears, like touching the little girl polished braid, enjoy. The feeling of enjoyment comes from the soil, rich and fertile soil. Now, this black land Shennong audience, but still high yield rice, also grow fruits and vegetables, exotic flowers. When the rich never left at all, but to produce power to transfer a cordial tendril 8相关的主题文章: