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Jin dazzling autumn River Grand Canyon: you come, or not, it will not wait for you – Wen Ke Er (Thule tourism Sohu Heilongjiang Huashan autumn tour five line photo of) beautiful daunting scenery, is not you, or be neither humble nor pushy, don’t come, I’ll be there. For example, the meteor shower, such as northern lights, such as sunlight with a fleeting five Heilongjiang Huashan, you come or not come, it will not wait for you. Heilongjiang is China the highest latitude provinces, unique geographical location, coupled with a large area of forest, special forest theropencedrymion, the fall of Heilongjiang can appear "five Huashan" wonders of the world, and the landscape is short, the time is not fixed, known as the "night Zhiqiu" stunning dazzle scene. There are a large number of photographers, car enthusiasts from pursuit of the legendary "five annual huashan". One of the small Xingan ridge, Zhang Guangcai ridge, Greater Khingan Range, Wandashan mountains cover the area landscape with the fall of the most concentrated area, but also because of its different height, different mountain slope, the angle of the sunlight is different, so the "five Huashan" color levels are different, five colorful, all over the mountains and plains, spectacular. I am the Heilongjiang self driving tour by watching the fall of Wuhua mountain, Heihe is the first stop, the target is towards the small Xingan mountain forests in that fable after the first bend of Longjiang Jin River canyon. The beauty of it, that day and built the inverted "two peerless Omega" shape of the landscape painting. The "Omega" located in the small mountain ridge Aihui District of Xingan city of Heihe, located in the size of Xingan Ling with the Department, from Heihe city to Jiagedaqi (thick black road), is about 30 kilometers away. This offer from middle reaches in Heilongjiang River Canyon tributaries stone, about 10 km long Canyon, the depths of 100 meters. Because this valley in the small Xingan ridge virgin forest, mobile Unicom have no signal. The best time to travel here, shooting at six or seven in the morning and five or six p.m., but the two time the wind is large, need to wear underwear charge, if taken, suggest carrying ultra wide-angle and telephoto and tripod. Into the valley, tickets 60 yuan, the road is very good, the car can be opened directly to the best scenic spots nearby, get off a few steps to view, very convenient. In the best spots on both sides, has a viewing platform along the path along the cliff Canyon, along the ring, or a plank can be down to the bottom, but only the original road to return. Down from the subjective view terrace, take the left path along the cliff is better, because the more scenic spots. Of course, if you have plenty of time, it will be perfect to go all the way. In addition, access to this area of special attention: yan! No! Suction! Smoke! Fall, a cigarette can destroy acres of woods! Following this group of pictures taken on September 12th at sunset (photo material: Canon 5D2, 14 coke, love white, tripod), aims to initiate, expect big coffee 21ours photography works, 21ours 21ours 21ours 21ours 21ours 21ours about the author: @ leuc Tencent.com "everybody" writers; Sohu client "celebrity" writers; one of the most value of Sichuan No. ten strong headlines. Senior media people, from the media workers; travel Daren, photographer. National outstanding reporter. One of the founders of Huaxi Dushi bao.相关的主题文章: