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Justice is   the people will win win peace     "918" review of Xi Jinping’s solemn oath – Politics – people.com.cn September 3, 2015, to commemorate the China people’s Anti Japanese War and the victory of the world anti fascist war 70 anniversary conference held in Tiananmen square in Beijing. Xi Jinping, general secretary of the CPC Central Committee, state president and chairman of the Central Military Commission, delivered an important speech at the conference. Xinhua News Agency reporter Lan Hongguang photo in September 18, 1931, the thunder, the Japanese invaders destroyed the South Manchuria Railway, exploded in Shenyang city. For a time the invaders ravaged broken. On this day, people 14 years history starting point China extremely hard and bitter war of resistance against japan. 85 years later, again, "918". 9:18, air defense alarm rang sharp in the northeast of China, once again warned people: do not forget national humiliation, the rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. The world is a hero, and humiliation in the heart, on a mission. The future, the Chinese people will join the festivities of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. The lesson of blood cannot be forgotten. Yesterday’s history is not written by today’s people, but today’s people can not be separated from yesterday’s history to seize today, tomorrow." In commemoration of Xi Jinping China people’s Anti Japanese War and the world anti fascist war 70 anniversary of an important speech on the conference will look far ahead from a high plane of far-reaching significance. This year marks the 85 anniversary of the "918" incident broke out, for the war came from the smoke of the nation, "918" has sounded the alarm bell left a great teaching, never forget the lesson of blood. In recent years, Xi Jinping made an important speech in a series of domestic and international situations, review the great process of China people’s Anti Japanese War, Chinese maintenance show the victory of World War II and International Justice issued a firm determination, remember history, learn from history, cherish peace "China sound". Phoenix Nirvana, ashes? Chinese opened the ancient new journey "918" incident is the first war with the Japanese War of aggression against China, is the starting point Chinese people’s Anti Japanese war. When the air defense alarm mark "918" sharp again, suffering humiliation of the Chinese nation, once suffered has created the great cause of the brilliant achievements, is promoting, at this moment the intersection be casting nation’s precious memory, inspire a stride forward force. In the war of resistance against Japan, the huge national sacrifice of 35 million people died for such a historical conclusion: for the first time in the past century, the Chinese people have achieved the complete victory of the great national liberation war. In 2014 the whole nation to commemorate the seventy-seven anniversary of the outbreak of war ceremony, Xi Jinping tells the story that is deeply rooted in the hearts of the historical memory, "in the face of brutal aggression of the Japanese invaders, the various ethnic groups, each class, political parties, social organizations and patriots from all walks of life in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan compatriots and overseas Chinese to unite, hesitate to join this great struggle between people of vital importance." "Since then, on both sides of the Changjiang River, inside and outside the Great Wall, all the Chinese people braved enemy fire to go to the national crisis, whether it is positive or the battlefield, the battlefield behind enemy lines, thousands on thousands of patriotic soldiers fought a bloody war, death, people from all walks of life, a million people united as one man against the common enemy, played the song)相关的主题文章: