Korean media North Korea nuclear test or years may again in Fenxi No. 3 tunnel yuanjiao

Korean media: North Korea nuclear test or years may again in Fenxi Tunnel No. 3 Korean media: Korea years may again be a nuclear test or in Fenxi No. 3 tunnel of Fenxi nuclear test site in tunnel location map. (website screenshot) International Online Zhuangao: according to Yonhap News reported on September 12th, a South Korean government sources said 12: "North Korea has never been in Fenxi nuclear test field test No. 3 tunnel is ready to conduct a nuclear test at any time to prepare. According to the Korean media intelligence authorities judge, North Korea in the possibility of No. 3 tunnel conducted a nuclear test again big. South Korean intelligence authorities are closely concerned about." Another source said: "North Korea has in the No. 2 tunnel opened many branches, and 4 nuclear tests including nuclear test in September 9th, carried out in No. 1 tunnel is the first nuclear test." North Korea’s first nuclear test (October 9, 2006) occurred in No. 1 tunnel, second (May 25, 2009), third (February 12, 2013), fourth (January 6, 2016) nuclear test in 2 trenches. In September 9th this year, the fifth nuclear test, which is located in the place from the fourth nuclear test site 400-500 meters. The two countries according to a September 5th study by North Korea’s nuclear weapons nuclear test where the statement released after the judgment, in North Korea may conduct another nuclear test. South Korean Defense Minister Korea seeking emergency case report in possibility for North Korea’s nuclear test again said: "(North Korea) and ready to prepare nuclear test in a tunnel." Government sources said: "Han Changguan (Han Minqiu) speech means (the DPRK’s nuclear test site) is not ruled out in the prior to a branching tunnel through the 4 Nuclear Test No. 2 in the tunnel, but more probably had never conducted a nuclear test in No. 3 tunnel." According to South Korean intelligence authorities said that the U.S. spy satellites have strengthened the monitoring of North Korea, North Hamgyeong Kyrgyzstan gun Fenxi nuclear test site is in strict surveillance. Editor: Zheng Hanxing相关的主题文章: