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# # – LACOSTE is warm to launch 2016 autumn selection elegant coat – the true distance between you and the Sohu in France, is not a range of 11739 km, nor the 7 hour time difference, but in the grasp of the exquisite French elegance. The fall of 2016, LACOSTE has several featured elegant autumn jacket, wearing comfortable not only meet the demand, more fashionable and elegant fusion of French energetic movement elements, through the exquisite tailoring design, a variety of styles and outstanding functions, feel the distance from the French high-end leisure life experience. Since October 24th, LACOSTE will also launch # warm to # is a series of activities, in the autumn season, the French elegance and romantic warmth to you. LACOSTE cotton coat series: Men’s clip cotton jacket is made of soft material, the pilot jacket profile cut, more Asian stature, and add other texture. Can POLO light colored shirt and casual collocation overalls, exquisite revealed with the breath. Name: Men’s navy blue quilted jacket number: BH9055 price: 3290 yuan windbreaker jacket style cut neat, with slender physique visual effect, touch gentle dress version can flexibly walk in all kinds of leisure business occasions. Name: Navy men long quilted coat number: BH9808 price: 3690 yuan wool jacket soft texture, with exquisite tailoring, is a good choice in elegant dress. Name: Men’s wool quilted jacket number: BH9639 price: 4690 yuan classic Plaid once again play its charm, to show a sense of movement outside of a baseball uniform and elegant style, irregular pattern arrangement, revealed a deep flavor of smart. Name: Men’s baseball quilted jacket number: BH9051 price: 2990 yuan Ms. POLO navy blue skirt collocation coat style quilted jacket, for the version of Asian women’s body design, ingenious decorative lines, show female charm. Name: Ms. long waist clip cotton coat number: BF9134 price: 3690 yuan short quilted jacket with collar suit, business occasions show professional charm. Soft and easy to wear, suitable for casual wear. Name: Ladies short suit collar clip cotton jacket item: BF9162 price: 2990 yuan in October 24th, concern LACOSTE official WeChat micro-blog platform in # is warm to # activities, a chance to win a round-trip ticket to Paris, in the autumn and winter of LACOSTE series clothing in the romantic, enjoy a warm autumn trip. The event will be held in Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, LACOSTE, and lacoste stores About LACOST.相关的主题文章: