Ladies Cowboy Boots Are Always In Fashion-vidown

Fashion-Style When Heidi Klum tells us that one day, fashion is "in" and the next day it’s "out", it is true for the plethora of fashion that hits the runways in the Spring and Fall. Fashion is fickle and those who slavishly follow couture continue to change hemlines, heel height and pant shapes. But there is one venerable fashion staple that is always "in", never "out" except when ladies wear them out. Ladies cowboy boots are fashionable any time, any day and wearable as casual footwear or with dresses, short and long. Fashionistas who have the ability to pull off wearing ladies cowboy boots with an evening or cocktail dress make their statement of independence and individualism. Back in the day, some centuries ago, the cowboy boot was a necessity. The cowboy boot was worn by men as well as women as they began their westward migration to pursue opportunities such as farming, gold mining, ranching, or just to explore a different part of the country. The population shift to the west meant people needed appropriate clothing for the move. Everyone needed a rugged boot to protect the shins against sagebrush, snakes, and for riding on horses. The sole needed to be durable enough to withstand rugged, rocky terrain and .fortable enough to walk long distances. Heels needed to be higher to place them in stirrups to keep the foot from slipping out while riding the trails cross country. Women wore long boots and found that wearing a high boot during summer under a long dress was very hot. As some sense of fashion began to develop in western clothing, women wore short boots during the summer and long boots during the winter. No.heless, the ladies cowboy boots were worn for fashion as well as function. Through the years, the cowboy boot became a palette for artisans who created various designs by stitching with colored threads. Later, cowboy boot art expanded to cutting out applique’s of different colors of leather. This was a way to personalize boots, which actually became early signs of personal branding. Today, cowboy boot aficionados wear art on their feet and there are many groups of collectors of antique as well as designers of new boot art. Fashion in ladies cowboy boots is here to stay to dress them up by wearing a skirt or dress or dress them down by wearing casual or dress blue jeans. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: