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Langzhong beef noodles with beef tongue on the side of the practice of Langzhong city in addition to poetry and the distance we are beef. Xiaobian want to say: in addition to beef, we have beef noodles! When it comes to Langzhong, what is food? It must be the local bowl of beef noodles! Xiaobian remember when Dad comes back, the first thing is to rush to eat a bowl of beef noodle, and perennial life in the field of buddies will only try cooking, make a bowl of beef noodles in the dream. The following Xiaobian on the practice of Langzhong beef noodles to tell you, we may wish to do their own! A surface (preferably fresh alkali fine flour bigger) with boiling water will be cooked to seven or eight points after immediately picked up the spread (cooking soup water should be wide, ensure the noodles can be quickly and uniformly mature and will not stick together in the water). With oil and cooling fan surface (surface processing after the golden silk so shiny, scattered and non stick). Two, beef saozi (Langzhong beef noodle is minced beef (beef characteristics) on the rib) cut into 3 cm square pieces, flying water. Empty pan, put beef cubes into the pot and stir dry scoop. Put the pot amount of vegetable oil and a little butter, sugar, and oil temperature slightly into the hot bean sauce and stir fry the PI county. The ground cooked spiced, three Nai, star anise, pepper, fennel, dried tangerine peel, fruit, leaves, and ginger, garlic, salt, MSG boiled for half an hour. Pour beef, add water simmer for two or three hours (pressure cooker 20-30 minutes), until the beef is cooked, fully inhaled condiments (do smell of beef, tender but not raw and cooked but not rotten, but not brittle ductile). The last water wet flour Jiaocheng paste, and then made the soup color of brown sugar. Three, eat 1 dishes, first with bean sprouts in boiling water bowl beat pad is arranged on the bottom, Cold Noodles with Sesame Sauce. 2 with a spoon of hot beef saozi, sprinkle the same in boiling water blanched leek (celery, coriander, mashed garlic sprouts also). (practice provided by the user sgwr88_0250, practical operation) to Langzhong, do not forget to eat a bowl of taste of beef noodles in Langzhong, the ancient city of Langzhong Tourism相关的主题文章: