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Leave the Uber Chinese after Liu Zhen has decided to join today’s headlines on October 24th news, today, there is news that former Uber senior vice president Liu Zhen China officially joined in today’s headlines today, possibly for today’s headlines in charge of international business. I dark matter to today’s headlines confirmation, the other confirmed Liu Zhen added news headlines today, but the specific job information can make nothing of it. Earlier, in September 30th, Liu Zhen in the WeChat circle of friends sent a letter called "to all the care and concern of my people", that left Uber Chinese news. Two months ago, in August 2nd, Didi announced that the acquisition of Uber China’s brand, business, data and other assets. After all, Uber will also hold 5.89% stake in the world, but for several years, China’s industry dispute, in such an unexpected place to fall. In March this year, I horse interviewed Liu zhen. Liu Zhen exactly why today’s headlines, perhaps you can get the answer from the time of the interview. Liu Zhen to I horse said, from before the lawyer occupation, to return home to become a member of the entrepreneurial team, the decision to join the Uber, do quickly. Liu Zhen in the law, and has also been start-up companies in dealing with, this feeling is close to the starting point she later decided to join the company. Uber, founder of TravisKalanick, is one of her clients. After the decision to leave the firm, Liu Zhen is quickly persuaded, beginning in the Chinese journey travel market. In addition, Liu Zhenji to pay attention to the user experience, she does not think that simply relying on subsidies to keep the driver, but hope that Uber in the product development, reduce the cost and improve the efficiency through product development, can let the driver in the case of subsidies are willing to stay on the platform operation. And today’s headlines is a technology driven company, and Liu Zhen’s ideas and agree without prior without previous consultation before the Uber. Today’s headlines and Liu Zhen what will impact what kind of spark, is expected by the public. Focus on entrepreneurship venture WeChat dychuangye, to participate in the latest business salon activities to understand the latest venture capital dividend in Henan.相关的主题文章: