Leg type does not look good Start with a leg up plan (video) cashmere mafia

Leg type does not look good? The first leg of the plan to develop from the chopsticks leg type is always one of the key figure has been the pursuit of the girl, whether wearing shorts or wearing leg socks in winter in summer, have a pair of legs is enough to make you become the focus at any moment. Legs despise their not good-looking? Start to develop a plan with the chopsticks leg leg! What is the standard? O leg X type leg all pass O leg: in the knee can not be close to the natural stance, but not close to the thighs, knees together, the clamping force can not close to O leg. Mild O leg: normal knee distance less than 3 cm in moderate O leg: normal knee from 3-10 cm in severe O leg: normal knee distance greater than 10 cm X type leg knees together, can not rely on the rope with bipedal legs is a bipedal and immediately, first is on both sides of the knee touch together. The biped with by failing to walk two knee fight intercollision gait. Feet together only after the knee can touch, thigh and calf are seamed. Standard type: five, close to the legs around five, close to the separate around separately that is to say, in the toe and heel tightly under the condition of good standing at attention, thigh, knee, leg, ankle and toe inside five points, must be tightly, and between the five places must be four is a separate state. The large power power game with Tang Yan legs fine Yoga stovepipe so god! How to do not straight leg? Several methods for correction of 1 straight legs, walking posture adjustment O type leg walking to toe, namely walking two toes outward, while walking, the legs outward force, knee joint by outer force, in the course of time, while standing knee will not together, into type O leg. So first adjust the posture, learn to focus on the inside of the leg. Good walking posture should be upright, straight waist abdomen, eyes straight ahead, relax arms on both sides of the body naturally swing, toes slightly outward or extended to the front step, uniform. Just started to adjust may feel very uncomfortable, there is a feeling that you can not walk, a long time on the natural. 2, a free to remember to do the clamping action, whether it is the bus, or the office, watching TV, we must always remember to straighten the legs hard to clamp the knees, 3-5 times a day, each time about 15 minutes. This will not only correct legs, a long time, and thin leg effect, especially the thin thighs oh. 3, sitting leg is not straight how to do? Don’t skip legs sitting, kneeling, sitting not. These three kinds of sitting posture, may bend the legs. 4, standing long time cannot focus on one leg standing at ease. When standing at ease, focus on the leg, the knee joint may be affected by the outward force, and internal rotation angle increases. For a long time, it will form a O type leg, or O type leg heavier. 5, sleeping in bed, never cross foot. Cross foot sleeping posture, will be outside the knee joint, resulting in leg type changes. 6, the sport is not straight leg how to do? Playing football, playing table tennis, martial arts exercise can lead to O type leg, is well known. In fact, a lot of track and field, if the posture is not correct, to the knee joint more severe outward impact, will lead to O type leg. So the proportion of O type leg is very high.相关的主题文章: