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Travel-and-Leisure Leh is one of the districts of Ladakhand is largest in India in terms of land. It is a part of Jammu & Kashmir, India and which is known as a paradise on earth. Its spiritual beauty attracts tourist from the world as you can see the valley full of Buddhist pilgrims throughout the year. This is one of the best places for adventurer freaks for mountaineering, trekking, rafting and other sports. Leh & Ladakh are also famous as Hill stations. Honeymoon couples also prefer to visit this place to see the beautiful valleys and picturesque scenarios to start their beautiful life and make it a life time memory. From mountaineering to rafting to camel safari to pilgrimages this place is full of fun and enjoyment. One can .e here to enjoy the adventure sports while one can .e here to visit pilgrimages. Central part of Leh is full of Buddhist monasteries, and you can see Buddhist tourists all around the year. Some of the attractions for tourists are, Leh Palace, mountaineering, trekking, Buddhist pilgrimage, magnetic hill, jeep safari and also camel safari and many more. The palace is surrounded by mountains which makes it more beautiful. The palace was made by the king Sengge Namgyal. But later on the palace was desolate by the Kashmiri army. It is very beautiful from inside and will be more amazing to discover the hidden truths. Have you ever see a vehicle moving on a steep mountain with its ignition off, and if not than you can see with your eyes at Magnetic Hills. The hills are 30km away from Leh. There are some places like Gurudwara Patthar Sahib a pilgrimage. It have been said that the 10th guru of Sikhs Guru Gobind Singh has spent time meditating here in 17th century. There are several Monasteries like Alchi Gompa, Cave Monastery, Chemrey Gompa, Hemis Monastery and many more which are located in the Trans-Himalayan range and are accessible only for four months in a year due to heavy snowfall. Leh-Ladakhis famous for mountaineering and trekking. Ladakh will provide you quite high peaks and mountains but these peaks and mountains are not easy to climb and one need to be very fit to try these peaks. The perfect season for mountaineering is from June to September as the mountains are less affected by the monsoon. Zangsker Monastery, Hemis-Padum, Padum-Darsha are some of the trekking routes for trekkers. These trekking routes are varying from 10 to 12 days. The things that you require during trekking are available on rent. There are various Leh-Ladakh tour packages available. As some tourist .e to visit monasteries, some came for adventure sports, so accordingly different tour packages are available.Leh -Ladakh tourism is also promoting and doing and offering various programs to promote tourism in this place as this place is very remotely located. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: