Lexus UX web concept debut at the Guangzhou Auto Show – Sohu automobile seat sunny came home

Lexus UX web concept seat Guangzhou Auto Show – Sohu Sohu [car new car] recently, we learned from the official Lexus, the Lexus concept UX and other web concept seats will be at the 2016 Guangzhou Auto Show debut in asia. Appearance, UX concept car using "Amethyst" paint, and other family with a design, the whole line strength and design sense is very strong. Transparent A column design makes the vehicle’s bright spot, can bring a broader vision for the driver. In addition, seal and spoke 21 inch wheels with a groove design combined with tread pattern, style is very novel. The rear part was "U" shaped LED taillights and rear windshield with the rear bottom line complex, rich sense of the level, while the bottom is the total of two bilateral type exhaust port layout. In addition, the UX concept car also uses a series of electronic technology, such as photometric adjustable windows, replacing the traditional rearview mirror electronic camera. The back seat of the Lexus concept is a radial cobweb". The elastic net can perfectly fit the human form, scattered body pressure, so that passengers in long-distance driving when still can get a high comfort. In the driving process, the scapula can make the body rotate around the central axis of the chest seat backrest, seat and the center point of the concept of scapula flush, this design can ensure the stability of the head, give the driver to provide excellent physical support. Different from the traditional seat materials used, the concept of seat will use environmentally-friendly materials to create synthetic silk, as the main component of protein. It is fermented by microorganisms, after special treatment, has a very good flexibility, can effectively absorb the vibration of the vehicle.相关的主题文章: