Li Yuchun sang south of ShenZhen Railway Station upgrade dance girl lformat

Li Yuchun sang "south of ShenZhen Railway Station upgrade stage girl" Sina entertainment news in late September 24th 8, Li Yuchun 2016 "barbaric" grand concert tour ShenZhen Railway Station. Continuation of the Beijing Railway Station, the ShenZhen Railway Station is still hot spot. Alessandro Michele, Alexander Wang two international designers to create stage style, top international dance musicians to "dance", the world’s best performances, again and again ignited the enthusiasm of the scene. In order to bring the fans are not the same as the surprise of the ShenZhen Railway Station, the tour 360 degrees super luxury revolving iceberg arena also upgraded on the basis of the Beijing Railway Station. At the same time, the field tracks will also make adjustments on the basis of the original, in addition to bringing new song "sing" the fig, ShenZhen Railway Station specially selected "city exclusive track" southern girl "also makes the fans moved. Deluxe stage shock upgrade giant screen "savage" opening, innovation, cross-border and international multiple, in recent years has become a concert of Li Yuchun more and more unique and eye-catching label. The continuation of Li Yuchun concert innovation and breakthrough consistent, the "barbaric" tour is the overall concept will jump off the concert "show" architecture, fashion and art as the main spirit of cross-border concert. At the same time, the concert will also follow the album concept, divided into wild, pretty, health, long four parts. Tour Beijing Railway Station site, rotating the "iceberg" stage to bring the audience visual experience tour director who directed several Golden Melody Awards of the veteran musician Chen Zhenchuan said: "this stage in the design stage, decided to art as the main appeal, we want the audience to see the first stage, like a huge sculpture, is a vibrant, imagine the concert stage. Not only in line with the theme of "barbaric growth", but also because Li Yuchun gave us the impression, like a quiet, mysterious but full of energy iceberg. In this stage, the audience can feel Li Yuchun want to express the concept of art." The ShenZhen Railway Station, in addition to follow the 360 degree rotation "iceberg" stage, field stage will once again gorgeous upgrades: both sides of the stage will increase six pieces of a giant screen mobile! Six pieces of the costly mobile screen, in broken and irregular borneol attitude, when the Concert Overture began, with music, pound momentum, coupled with heavy percussion sound, six screen then scattered, Li Yuchun opened the 2016 "barbaric" tour ShenZhen Railway Station prelude. After the broken screen, more than 13 unique icicles, respective direction toward the barbaric growth, performance was also officially kicked off! Li Yuchun dressed by Gucci’s new design director Alessandro Michele for the tour specially designed gold brocade flower embroidery color suit, with pink bee Embroidery Shirt, ivory white hat and gold pearl high heels, and the strong beat in the cheers of the beautiful appearance, the glittering Queen s bring concert concert there is a sense of "Qu". And then "1"相关的主题文章: