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Like floating Masai – Sohu tourism "floating" is a jump in the air suspension of ups and downs, the moment, seems to Chinese martial arts in Ling Bo. In recent years, in 80, 90 youth play in the "floating" have been gradually trend. But among the Masai people in Kenya, "floating" is part of their original tribal culture, which they call "Ba". On the afternoon of the sixth day in Kenya, we went to visit the Masai tribe of Masai mara. Masais (Maasai people) is living in southern Kenya and Northern Tanzania steppe nomads, Nigro race types in Sultan, is the most southern Nilotic groups, using the Masai. Special status in Kenya society, it is learned that their elders enjoy the president’s treatment. Mainly engaged in nomadic Maasai people, they are always dressed in colorful shawls, carry a log or a grazing. All the cattle pasture for public, belongs to the family, according to patrilineal inheritance. Masais in meat, milk for food, like drinking fresh blood, each family has dozens of cattle for feeding, sucking the blood of. The wives watched qiyuxuanang men go out hunting grazing. Women like to carry things on their heads. Every time the ancient ceremony held or welcome, young men gathered in the gentle slope. A horn made from animal horns. The Masai costume is very conspicuous, the man put on "beam card", is actually the red bottom black strip of two pieces of cloth, a piece of a piece of fig draped on the side of the shoulder, wearing all kinds of auspicious ornaments. In the beginning of their "Ba" dance, often like to show a long pink tongue. Aim at the height of the jump. Masais thin and tall, they leaped in the air for a long time, like floating". I do not know that we are popular these years, floating, according to whether they get inspiration. Everyone wears a smile as if they were the happiest people in the world. Who can jump high who can get the most girls among the trained courtship skills. Stick or not when floating. My face is full of confidence: "I am tall, I am proud!" I want them to do the high jump, can definitely take the championship, then no, on the pole vault. I gave him a pair of sports sunglasses, not like a track star. My figure is shaking in his eyes. Perhaps simple is a kind of happiness. This is the home of the Masai people. Masais prevalence of polygamy, these guys are actually a family’s half brother. The Maasai people still living under strict tribal system management by tribal chiefs and elders in charge of the meeting, adult men were divided according to age grades, hair into braids, but they rarely have the opportunity to braid. This is a family member of the wives we visited, seven, with dozens of children. The father could not recognize her own child, only the mother knew who she was. Masai women wear "hum karma" shaved head, neck, a large shawl, their ears are big, some large lobe shoulder, marseille.相关的主题文章: