Lin Dan all is not the end of the Tokyo Olympic Games is not to

Lin Dan: all is not the end of the Tokyo Olympic Games is not to fight Lin Dan Xinhua Nanjing September 6th sports news (reporter Liu Weiwei) in the just concluded Olympic Games in Rio, Lin Dan and Li Zongwei let the audience hooked ups. So, Lin Dan will continue the next Olympic Games? The 6 day in Nanjing to attend the workshop in Yu Le – 2016 top 100 enterprises Badminton Club Invitational ceremony ", Lin Dan said," don’t think so far, but all is not the end, will continue to work hard". As the badminton star, after the Olympic Games in Rio, Lin Dan how to plan for the future is the focus of attention of many fans. 6 pm, when asked about this topic, Lin Dan said that athletes in preparation for the Olympic Games to spend a lot of energy, regardless of the results of the Olympic Games, in fact, have consumed a considerable amount of energy. For me, after the end of the Olympic Games or want to have a certain time to adjust, to make the next section of the plan to do a little more thin." Lin Dan said. As to whether the next Olympic Games will be held in Tokyo, Lin Dan said he did not think so far. "I know a lot of fans don’t ask anything, but they want to get some answers. I want to tell them that it’s not over." After the Olympic Games in Rio, Lin Dan’s old rival, Li Zongwei, said he wanted to keep playing. In this regard, Lin Dan believes that Malaysia’s talent is not so prominent, so Li Zongwei continue to play logical. For him, to continue to play, have to come up with a better competitive state, after all, the Chinese team talent. However, Lin Dan also said that as a professional athlete, he would like to be able to play their own state, rather than how many gold medals. At the same time, he also hopes to have more people to participate in the sport of badminton, and get happy. On the day of the event, as guests to help out, Lin Dan also to the eighteenth Middle School of Nanjing City badminton team of migrant students presented badminton supplies, encourage them to stick to their dreams of badminton. (end)相关的主题文章: