Lithographic times released entertainment jump brand pictures and release the core business of Sohu

Lithographic times released "entertainment jump" brand pictures and release the core business of Sohu technology Sohu technology paper Cui Peng September 26th, lithography era announced the launch of a new brand "entertainment jump", and launched entertainment entertainment pictures and jump jump issue, first announced 10 film and television projects, lithography era’s "micro ticket" also upgraded to "entertainment ticket". Micro era is currently in the content production, hair marketing, ticketing services, derivatives and other fields have a layout. Lithographic era founder Lin Ning said that the ticket is the largest micro China entertainment ticketing platform, two years time to get China online ticket more than 30% share, the daily volume of more than 6 million, with more than 100 million entertainment users. Follow WeChat sea, landing Malaysia and Hongkong cinema. The launch of lithography era to the core content of "Yu Yue" brand, it is used to connect the content, capital and productivity, "capital industry is the driving force, we hope that the content and industry rules can bring understand money," said Lin ning. As one of the two core business entertainment Yue "brand, lin ning personally released the" entertainment jump pictures "of the brand, the business focused on film investment, film production, series production, IP development, entertainment concern the content of the main jump pictures in three directions: home entertainment, entertainment and the youth entertainment. Yu Yue ‘first public appearance also released 10 film and television projects, including entertainment studios to develop their own Yue pan entertainment IP, including a joint development with the penguin pictures and other partners of the works, including movie, television and network drama and other products. "Yue entertainment issued" as a core business for the first time unveiled, entertainment focused on big data release step and user consumption behavior analysis, trying to build accurate and effective tool platform, micro shadow era said, this year 1 to August entertainment issued jointly produced film in step 20, participate in the joint issue film the 43 part, the main control film for the 5, the first day of the row piece rate was 22.8%, the average single box office 150 million. In addition to entertainment and entertainment issued outside jump jump pictures, micro core business "shadow era micro ticket" is renamed "entertainment ticket", upgrade from the original to the online movie ticketing platform pan entertainment ticketing platform. At present the ticket with WeChat wallet "entertainment movie event", QQ wallet "movie entertainment and entertainment tickets APP three entrance, said the era of lithography can cover more than 6000 theaters nationwide, in more than 2000 theatres, stadiums and Exhibition hall.相关的主题文章: